Opinions on Double or Nothing, so far

For me, it’s been so-so. I thought Jay White was going over and the spear was crazy!! I still have a difficult time getting behind Adam Cole as a babyface. And much respect to Chris Jericho to taking all of those legit cracks from Britt Baker.

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Damn, they have the 4-way as second? The trios tag picked it up for me. Anything House of Black makes the show. The Women’s TBS match was way better than I expected. They should’ve just let Jade take the W and go for the Women’s title vs Toni Storm.

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The pillars just saved this show

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I watched the series finale of succession…

And I don’t say that to be an ass. If Double or Nothing was any other weekend I would have ordered it. But tonight had the ending of the biggest prestige drama on Television since Game of Thrones. I do think that has something to do with the lack of conversation about the PPV.


Tbh, my interest in the show went down when ***** passed. I’m definitely watch the series through, tho.

I’m hoping for Adam Cole vs Moxley match. Hoping this will lead to a Bryan/ Kyle O’Reilly feud.

Kota coming through for the save would’ve been awesome. I wish they would’ve kept Jade strong and challenged for the Women’s heavyweight. House of Black matches always goes off and the 4-way was awesome as expected.

I enjoyed the 4-way match, but sometimes it’s hard to reconcile how little selling there is. And that made the finish fall a little flat for me, given how many “high impact” moves the wrestlers were taking and kicking out of with minimal recovery time. Some of the nostalgia spots were cool, but other sequences felt a little silly and overly choreographed. I understand why some would absolutely love this, but this formula is starting to run dry.


The last two matches completely saved what was turning out to be a bad show. Cole and Jericho was pathetic and everything else was just ok, AEW needs to get guys out of pointless teams and factions and build up the midcard because it was sad on Sunday.


I mean, to be fair twelve of their best workers, who generally elevate the entire card throughout - were in two matches on top. So of course the show was top heavy in terms of quality.

That’s fine for a WWE show where the cost is $10 for Peacock to be a main-event heavy show. But for AEW asking fans to spend $50 they have a higher bar to meet. Which they also set themselves by a history of their PPV’s being great.

Their mistake wasn’t putting all the main-event talent in two matches. It was putting all their interesting mid-card talent in a battle royale. I would rather have seen Orange Cassidy in a one-on-one match. And that would have then freed up that talent to do Jay White vs Ricky Starks and other more interesting undercard matches.

It also didn’t help that Hayter was injured so they couldn’t do a real women’s championship match. If AEW knew she was injured they should have stripped her of the title and done Baker vs Storm for the vacant belt.


I’ll be honest, I didn’t watch it live as my plan was to order the replay after the fact. Now, I’m not spending $50+ for two matches.

If it was $10, I’d order it.

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Yup, way too much talent in the battle royal and guys just simply not on the show (Samoa Joe, Miro, Hobbs, etc).

Top heavy is not something that should be said about a $50 wrestling PPV.

As someone who went to the marathon Dynamite/Rampage taping on Wednesday, I think another big issue is ROH and the amount of talent being used there and not being seen by anyone. It’s a mess

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