OSW Review

As a big OSW Review fan, I was wondering what everyone else’s favourite episode would be?

Mine is probably the WrestleMania 17, as even though I’ve listened to it over 100 times, I can find myself laughing hysterically out loud with some of the best quotes ever in the history of the show or the Golden Noggers 2018, just for Foxy Stoat :wink:.

Can’t wait to hear yours.

They’re incredible and also the reason I found John and Wai! I think the Arquette saga was their best arc, but I think gotta go with Halloween Havoc '95. BOLLOCKS APLENTY

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Most episodes are absolutely brilliant. The TNA arc is incredible. However the “brown bread” line from survivor series 1990 I think it was, had me on the floor.

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Coincidentally, I’m just starting OSW today… finally caught up on a couple other pods (and got sick of both Prichard and TLF’s schtick and bailed). So I can’t wait to share some inside jokes with you all in 2021 or so when I’m up to speed.