OT: Family-friendly items and places in the Toronto area??? :)

It’s funny when I went to Chicago. I remember me and my wife saying how it’s the closest city I’ve seen to Toronto, and if Toronto were better, it would be Chicago.

I think a lot of it has to do it staying in Brampton – it has a large number of Indian people and to be honest while I work in that area I would never live there. Even I couldn’t stand living with that many Indian people, and they’ve honestly got a curb bringing in so many of them to be honest.

What’s unique I think about the Toronto food scene is that we don’t have a restaurant like Alinea would be in Chicago. Instead we have great cultural foods. You can get good Indian food, Chinese, Greek, Portuguese, and Italian all within minutes of each other. And they’re all very authentic, usually made by people from those countries.

There are some kid friendly things but I think the science centre is phenomenal. My kids love it. Unfortunately I think stuff like Canada Wonderland or Niagara Falls required better weather to enjoy.

Anyway, glad your trip was at least a semi success.

Blue jays suck your kid made the right call :slight_smile: