Other shows that John and Wai should put on the "Not reviewing again" list?

So we can finally put to bed Heroes of Wrestling.
John and Wai also mentioned Wrestling with Shadows, Survivor Series 97, basically anything screwjob related.
And any more wrestling based porn parodies.

I’m just curious is there anything else that should…make the list?!

For me, I don’t need any more ppv shows in or around the time of the invasion. They covered it so many times in previous iterations. Just leave it alone.

Can’t remember what the show was where they recorded twice and it failed, when they got to the 3rd recording that was released they sounded so defeated. I want to say unforgiven 2000?


The Chyna movie.

Any show which happened within the last two years. In fact, i’d like 5 years minimum but maybe that’s a bit excessive.


It’s not excessive at all. I’d actually prefer no reviews after the year 2000 for a long while.

I think it was Unforgiven 99 with the six pack main event.

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I feel like John & Wai have reviewed WM17 three times. Maybe it’s only twice. Either way it doesn’t need to be reviewed again.

To a point I agree.
WWE wise definitely.
But there’s an awful lot of wrestling out there that could be great for reviews.
2017/18 had some of the best international indie shows I can remember.

I think we should just let John and Wai set their own limits for this sort of thing. Espresso tier patrons pay upwards of $600 a year, and if some WWE show from 2016 is that important to them, I don’t think they should be barred from choosing it.

Anyways, I think most of you will be happy to know that there are a number of reviews from 90’s events coming in the next couple months.


I want another review of that crazy DDT show with Ibushi fighting through all the apartments. What I don’t want again is all the Wrestlemanias from 32 on.

Yea you are absolutely correct.Fair play to them cos that is an incredible contribution.
But I don’t understand why you’d want to spend your money on a review of a show that’s already been done.

I agree for the most part but very early review a wai was a bit different. I could see asking for a review from a show that they did in the first year or two.


My picks the earliest wwe ppv in 2000, does that get your seal of approval?

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I’m OK with that.

Couldn’t agree less with this. I know it hard to stomach (for me especially) but those 2000-2003 shows are not only very nostalgic they are gulp are almost 20 years old. That’s a perfectly acceptable amount of time to lapse for a retro-review.


Don’t remind me…are we all getting old now?

Yup it always make me feel old when I see posts about “it has been 20 years since.” And I was there for the whatever that thing was.

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There are some good shows in there, but I love WCW and more reviews before 2000, probably means more WCW, which is what I want.