Other Shows You Watch Besides Wrestling

What are other shows you are into watching religiously besides pro wrestling?

Here’s my list:

  • Unsolved Mysteries (Robert Stack hosted era preferred)
  • Twilight Zone (pumped for the re-boot that is set to happen this year)
  • Bob’s Burgers
  • South Park
  • NFL games

Too many to list here, i basically watch more shows religiously then i actually watch wrestling. All in all, i think i might watch at less 3 or 4 hours a day.

Right now, i’m getting into Last man standing as i love anything Tim allen is in and i never really realize that he had a new series so i’m trying to catch up with the series.

Also, i love any Gordon Ramsey’s reality show. Gotham as become a much see especially since it’s the last season and the story as become really interesting.

Finally, Another reality show i love is Amazing Race.

Like i said they’re really too many shows that i watch religiously, so much so that i have to
PVR some of them because i don’t want to miss a episode and i have to watch something else at the same time.

Wrestling isn’t really a big thing for me, i watch 2 hours of Raw and PVR the third hour and watch smackdown and PPV but outside of that, i rather watch anything else then wrestling.

Week-to-week I think the only show I never miss is Brooklyn 99! So glad it was renewed.

When Game of Thrones and Doctor Who are on I never miss them (although the last season of DW was tough).

Other than that just about everything I watch is normally binged through a streming service. So a few of the shows that I immediately start watching when they come out are:
Stranger Things - Netflix
Glow - Netflix
The Arrowverse shows when they come to Netflix
Marvel Netflix series before they were cancelled

I also recently watched Sex Education and SyFys The Magicians on Netflix and both were awesome. I’ll definately be binging the next season of both.

Most weeks I don’t even watch RAW or SmackDown and allow John and Wai to fill me in and keep me up to date.

King of The Hill
The Good Place
Brooklyn Nine Nine
Anything Gordon Ramsay
Will soon begin Bob’s Burgers from the beginning.

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Enjoying my last few months before I have to really turn up the awareness of what’s on the TV while my son (four months old) is in the room. The only current shows I keep up with:

RAW & Smackdown (usually in 45-60 minutes on DVR)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Game of Thrones
F is for Family

And I’m one season behind on both Shameless and Orange Is the New Black because my wife tapped out on them.

The past two years alone have been amazing for TV & Netflix. Besides my weekly NXT and MLW consumption, The ARROWVERSE shows on The CW have been my obsession. (except Supergirl)

My favorites:
Arrow (season 7 has been spectacular so far, pretty much a huge comeback)
The Flash
Black Lightning (BEST DC newcomer on TV right now)
Designated Survivor
Stranger Things on Netflix
Any Gordon Ramsay reality show

Also, I’ve been consuming a lot of cable news recently which is at times, depressing and informative.

My cable provider has BBC News, CNN, RT, and FOX News and I try to watch what those talking heads are discussing.

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Just wondering. Did anybody watch the rock new reality show titan games? It’s has been a guilty pleasure of mind ever since it debuted a month and a half ago.

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I’ve really enjoyed it. Crazy they don’t make the challenges any easier for the women.

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Currently watching Money Heist [La Casa De Papel], Vikings & The Blacklist. Will get on to the new season of True Detective after I’m done watching the last couple of episodes from this season’s Vikings.

Has anyone watched the show knight fight with Christian as host?

I stumbled upon two episodes of Knight Fight and I like it so far. Reminds me a bit of Deadliest Warrior on Spike back in the day where they were testing weapons from various war eras.

I see there are a couple of fantasy fans who listed Game of Thrones. What about Sci-Fi? I’ve been a big Star Trek fan since I was a kid. Growing up I watched re-runs of the original series and have watched every episode of all the series a dozen times.

I’m really conflicted over the fact that the latest series is on CBS All Access. I did end up paying for the App for the first season and really enjoyed it. More than most based on what I was reading online. And while i’m really interested in watching the second season I don’t want to spend money on another App. Maybe i’ll pay for it for a month and catch up when it’s finished.

  • Brooklyn Nine Nine
  • Dragon Ball Super
  • The Curse of Oak Island
  • The Grand Tour
  • Arrow
  • Strike Back (Still catching up)
  • Iron Blooded Orphans (Starting)
  • Lethal Weapon

You all need to catch “Dark” on Netflix- it’s a german series but is seriously amazing.

Hey, someone else that watches Blindspot. I knew they existed, but never seen one in the wild.

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It’s a very underrated FBI crime show.

Blindspot is awesome. Literally just turned off the latest episode as I clicked on this thread.

Other shows I watch are -

Designated Survivor
Game of Thrones
The Simpsons
South Park
Silent Witness
Stranger Things
Orange is the New Black
NFL Games (Massive Texans Fan)

Also watch plenty of stuff on Netflix when I get the chance