Other Wrestling Podcasts You Listen To?

If anyone else binge listens to other pro wrestling podcasts, list what you listen to here.

  1. What Happened When with Tony Schiavone: Conrad and Tony have taken on a Mystery Science Theater 3000 approach to reviewing old WCW shows, and it’s hilarious.

  2. Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard: I don’t enjoy this one as much as I enjoy Tony Schiavone’s (Bruce comes across as having Stockholm Syndrome), but it has its moments. Recent episodes have started to get really long too which makes it more daunting to listen to.

  3. Greetings From Allentown: This is kind of like Review a Wai if John and Wai were to review obscure shows like WCW Prime, NWA Pro, Wrestling Challenge, Prime Time Wrestling, etc. There are a lot of off topic segues and references to pop culture happenings at the time of the shows the host is reviewing that make it even more enjoyable. It’s unique in that the host does the podcast solo, but there is enough quirkiness to make it interesting.


Can’t listen to WHW anymore as i don’t watch along with them, and find that’s quite necessary to enjoy it. Still with Prichard and i listen to most of the shows from the Observer site. Others like Austin or Jericho really depends on the guest.

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I enjoy E&C’s podcast, with Austin, Jericho & Cabana it depends on the guest.

Also listen to Observer Radio.

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Going in Raw is quite fun and JDfromNY can be good fun also. When something is bad, just say it is bad and I can enjoy it from him

Between The Ropes
Ministry Of Slam

I subscribe to the Wrestling Observer once or twice a year, but never renew past one month because it gets to be too much nothing. I mainly catch the highlights on YouTube, lots of channels post 2-5 minute clips. Much more easily digestible that way.

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I download most of the podcasts in the MLW family; some I listen to and others I don’t get to as Schiavone’s and Pritchard’s podcasts are getting just tooooooo longgggggg. I also download Austin and Jim Ross’ podcasts; they are good when they are wrestling focused and when I can skip past all the commercials.

Attitude Era Podcast is one of my all-time faves. The chemistry between the hosts is fantastic and is so damn funny. They also don’t look at that period with 100% fondness and they give each show a fair and balanced review. They’re also the only other podcast that I’m a Patreon of, that’s how high I put them in the podcast rankings.

I also listen to Squared Circle Gazette Radio, who do great round-table discussions on some fantastic topics. On-going themes such rebooking a certain year, putting a famous wrestling figure on trial and, best of all, their Monday Night War timeline, make for fantastic and fascinating listening.

I also listen to The Card Is Going To Change, How 2 Wrestling and the occasional Wrestling Friends. I’ve also just started ThROH The Years, which is a show-by-show look at ROH’s history, and I’m really digging it.

That’s about it really, I’m not a big fan of most wrestler hosted podcasts as their bias and ego can often ruin a show. It’s just not for me, I guess. Besides, I need more time for other podcasts like Bill Burr, How Did This Get Made and Cheap Show.

Other than John and Wai, my weekly always-listens are The E&C Pod of Awesomeness and Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling. I try and listen to Tuesday Night Jaw and both of Cornette’s shows every week as well but I’m behind on them at the minute.

I dip into a bunch of the others; Jericho, Austin, JR, Killing the Town, Wade Keller, etc… and I’ve recently been checking out Konnan’s show and The Taz Show but doubt I’ll be keeping them as regular inclusions.

Many already mentioned so just adding Wade Keller’s and the awesome Lapsed fan podcasts to the mix


My favourite show other than John & Wai’s is Between The Sheets, where Kris Zellner and David Bixenspan look at a week in wrestling history as it was covered at the time in wrestling newsletters, primarily the Wrestling Observer and occasionally the Torch and older material like Matwatch. They’re long shows and very funny with regular in-jokes.

I actually don’t listen to many wrestling podcasts anymore. The only ones I’m still subscribed to are POST Wrestling, Squared Circle Gazette Radio, and the Five Star Match Game.

I like SCG because they don’t do a lot of weekly show reviews and instead mostly cover general topics (like “Wrestlers You Turned a Corner On”) and history.

Five Star Match Game isn’t updated very regularly, but Joe Gagne gets two personalities from the Internet wrestling community and asks them questions in a game show format. So far, every episode has been a bit of a blowout for one side, but hopefully there will be some good competition soon.

I do occasionally listen to various podcasts on the Voices of Wrestling feed if they cover something I’m interested in. My favorites are the flagship show (which is usually very long, so I have to skip through it) and Shake Them Ropes (even though Rob can get super troll-ish).

Many great ones mentioned here already but I’ll just add in We Watch Wrestling. Weekly show with three comedians talking wrestling, including one that worked for WWE as a writer, one long-time fan with a lot of knowledge and one newer fan. Great perspective and a fun show.

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I enjoyed Cheap Heat when it was The Masked Man and Rosenberg. I stuck with both when they split but Rosenberg became impossible to listen to when he started to work more with WWE and he’s a mark for himself. And Shoemaker has a good cast of guys on The Masked Man show but they float between lazy/uninformed and very thoughtful fans - I enjoy when they are thoughtful. I can’t stand Pritchard and feel like the whole time he’s working the audience with his answers.


I listen to The Attitude Era podcast and OSW. I sometimes listen to What Happened When and Colt Cabana if he is interviewing someone interesting.

New Generation Project podcast is where its at
Also listen to Bruce Prichard and Tony Schiavone depending on what the subject is
Used to listen to heaps of others but gave up like wrestling sheet and colt and a few others

I really enjoy The Fix with Todd Martin on Wade Keller’s site, and Filthy 4 Daily with Tom Lawlor and Bryan Alvarez on Observer/F4W. Todd has appeared on a few Review-A-Wai episodes, and really has a great mind for the psychology behind wrestling. Lawlor and Alvarez have a great chemistry and can be just hilarious at times. I probably spend more time listening to wrestling podcasts than actually watching the product these days, and it’s guys like John and Wai that are far more entertaining than trying to watch 3 hours of WWE on a Monday night.

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Honestly, since the demise of The LAW I’ve really cut back on a lot of my wrasslin’ pods. Right now other than the POST content, I’ll listen to some of the Place To Be Nation shows or some of the MLW shows (particularly the VIP Lounge)…BUT It really depends on the guest and/or topic.

If I just throw on a pod at work or when I’m exercising, these days it’ll tend to be something superhero or comic book/movie/TV related or a more traditional sports podcast (Tony Kornheiser, Dan LeBatard, Bomani Jones, etc.).


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Man I used to love Kornheiser’s radio show. That was all I listened to in the early 2000s. I still sing the mailbag jingle all the time.

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Voices of Wrestling’s Flagship and New Japan Purocast shows - but when it comes to the WWE stuff, I largely stayed loyal to the renegade reviews

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Wrestling-wise currently just Bryan & Vinny and the occasional WOL. I have limited free time and too many podcasts demand hours and hours, much like current WWE, and I need the opposite. I’d sooner read a written recap of a wrestler podcast. Listening to some of them feel like a financial decision rather than a love of chatting wrestling.