Owen Hart Dark Side of the Ring

Owen Hart was and is my favorite wrestler. Ten minutes in and I’ve already lost it twice. I hadn’t seen his son as an adult before; looks so much like his old man.

Shaping up to be a good one but a rough one to watch.

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Now that I’ve finished watching, another shout out is due to John for his incredible audio documentary last year. I’m not one to say “better” or “worse” so I will just say it definitely stands up on its own merit next to this big budget production.

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Well, after that I’m not going to ever be annoyed that Owen isn’t in the Hall of Fame. I understand where his family is coming from. Sorry Mark Henry. Thought this one could’ve used two parts. Still, very good.


Yeah this episode brought a tear to my eye more than once.

I enjoyed it and it was definitely emotionally hard to watch, but I was a bit disappointed.

I definitely think this one should have had two parts, there was a lot to squeeze into one episode. I also wish we got the perspective from other family members outside of Martha and her kids. She made a lot of accusations towards the rest of Owen’s family and it would have been nice to see their perspective. It does seem odd that every single family member was against her, and I can’t help but wonder why. Bret would have been perfect for this since we was featured as much as he was.

I also wish they went into more depth with that hook. Martha said that the company WWE used was the same company that WCW, Elton John etc. used, but then she implied that WWE went with a crappy company because they were cheap. I also would have liked to understand more about the way that industry worked as well. Is it government regulated? If not, why isn’t it considering someone can die if there is a mistake made. If it is, how did this company get certified to do this when they were using clips made for sailboats. Did the company use the wrong clip? I get WWE asked for something that looked less awkward, but if its unsafe then the company needs to tell them no. Also, they never explained how the quick release was initiated. I remember reading elsewhere that his boa got caught in it, but they never touched on it. I guess I just expected more detail.

As far as HOF goes, I get the families perspective and IMO you can’t be mad at the family for their stance, but its sad. Owen worked hard. and I feel that his legacy deserves to be honored. Its too bad they couldn’t work something out where all proceeds go towards the charity in his name, though who knows if WWE would even agree to that, and I doubt Martha would anyways.

I don’t. That was probably the only way to get Martha and the kids to talk. This was their story.

Agreed, she probably had a lot of creative control, but at the end of the day its not the whole story, its the perspective of one person. If a viewer was looking for Martha Hart’s take on the death of her husband and the aftermath, they got it. If you were looking for something unbiased that presented all sides and the entire story of what happened, you didn’t. I was looking for the latter as with documentaries I prefer to get the entire truth ( this is the issue I have with WWE documentaries sometimes). With that said, if you weren’t looking for that and you just wanted to hear from Martha and the kids because its a new perspective, that’s totally cool as we are all entitled to want what we want. You and I were clearly looking for different things in this. Nobody is right, nobody is wrong.

The show was called the final days of Owen Hart. Not how did the Hart family get seduced by money from Vince.

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Yes, because everyone knows that Bret shys away from saying anything negative about WWE. Nice try.

The show would have sucked getting into all the Hart family drama and been too much like the Montreal screw job episode.

There’s no reason to not believe Martha. Bret wanted his library and the rest of the family will take money from Vince with no issue. They would add nothing and take away from the story that was trying to be told

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Man this episode made me tear up a couple of times. Owen was always one of my favorites! Such a shame. He would be 55 now and dying at that age is still early. This whole season opened my eyes on the WWE even more. Never ever am I going to spend a dime on that company again.

Where did you read me write that I didnt believe Martha? This isnt about believing or not believing her, its that my preference was to get the whole story opposed to parts of the story or as you put it “the story that is trying to be told”. A good documentary doesn’t “try” to tell you a story, its just puts out the truth, or at least the “truth” of all the participants.

And for the record, I didnt want all the Harts, I would have been fine with just Bret.

Ill give an example with the last dance *LAST DANCE SPOILER ALERT"

In that doc Jordan says that he believes Horace Grant was the snitch that fed info to Sam Smith for his book. Then they cut to Grant who says he didnt do it. I loved that they showed both perspectives leaving it up to me to choose who I believed. Since Martha brought up the Harts, I would have liked to have heard from someone from that family. Why do you care that I would have wanted that? Like I said, there is no right or wrong here, but you seem to be upset that I wanted something different then you.

Documentaries are not news stories so obviously you went into the show with the wrong expectations

Disagree, I have watched plenty of docs that simply provide the facts or the perspective of muliple participants.

Its also laughable that you are implying that news stories are unbiased. Is this the only documentary you have every watched?

So what does the Hart family and Bret Hart have to do with the last days of Owen?

This was his wife and children’s chance to share their story. It didn’t need any comments from the Hart family. Plenty of other places to find that info.

It was much more then that and you know it.

While they did talk about Owen’s last days, they also showed background on Owen, they talked about his career, the aftermath with the lawsuit and specifically Martha’s fallout with the Hart family. Since they brought up the Hart family, I felt it was only fair to allow one of them to speak. If they were never brought up the family or Bret and it was purely a documentary about Owens last week with his family, I would not be saying this.

The Harts were brought up multiple times, Bret specifically was brought up a ton between the screw job, the lawsuit, the funeral home etc. To imply that that there is no place for someone to speak in a documentary that they are mentioned in over and over again is ludicrous. That is something Vince would do in a WWE doc.

Aside from her book, they’ve never spoken publicly about any of this. That is worth more than anything the Harts could bring. In a one hour show there just wasn’t the room for reaction from the Harts. Plus, you can find a lot of how they handled with and dealt with already.

Or just watch that abortion of a match between Vince and Bret at Mania, tells you a lot about the family.

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Her take was very valuable, and I’m glad she was in the documentary. I never implied or said that the Harts were more valuable then she was. What I said was that I wish both were in it. Again, I have no idea why that fact that I would prefer that bothers you so much. You do make a good point with the 1 hour aspect though, I did say in my initial post that I thought it was rushed and it should have been a two part episode like the Benoit episode (which was excellent).

Even if they did choose just one hour, they had plenty of time to fit Bret in. I would much rather hear from Bret than Cornette for the 20th time.

Ok, you didnt like the match between Bret and Vince, agreed it sucked. I don’t see the relevance of you randomly ranting about a worked match. I dont judge the character of any individual based on their participation in a scripted wrestling match.

It probably should have been two hours but I had zero issues with the show, thought it was really well done.

The Bret/Vince match more so speaks about the Harts all being involved, pretending to side with Vince and then swerving him to go back with Bret. It was just all bad theatre and the fact they all took a cheque to participate in that joke was sad. Vince was ultimately responsible for their brothers death and they still decide to go out there and dance for him like puppets. Just gross to me, no one should need money that bad

I won’t say that Vince did no wrong, however I would argue the rigging company that used equipment that had no business being used was ultimately responsible for Owen’s death.

I respect Martha’s take, and I am very empathetic to her. However I dont think any of us fans who didn’t even know Owen have any right to tell his brothers and sisters how they should feel about the situation.