Owen Hart in the wwe hall of fame

The feud between Bret and Martha Hart over Owen getting inducted into the wwe hall of fame restarted this week and some of the stuff that was reveal on both side have been shocking. Especially when bret talk about how owen’s children can’t see their aunt’s and uncle’s since Owen’s died and that when Stu got honored, she didn’t want her children there to see their grandpa get honoured. Also the fact that they pretty said they where all black sheep after Owen’s die and pretty much turn her back on Bret after she got the settlement money from WWE.

In the end, I get that Martha lost the love of her life in this accident and that it’s a painful thing to live with But in the end, I think her behavior toward the Hart family and also toward friends of Owen is kinda of bad, not for her but for her children’s. Owen deserve to be inducted in the wwe hall of fame because he was a big part of the WWE in the 90’s and we all lost somebody we cared for when the accident happen. The fans need closure, friends and family of Owen’s need closure and most importantly, she and her kids need closure and having Owen’s career be celebrated by this induction would bring closure to everybody.

At less if she doesn’t want to be there or want them exploiting Owen’s like she mentioned. Why not have WWE give the money they normally offer to the Owen Hart foundation and any money they make off the hall of fame goes to the foundation as well. Also you could have Bret accept the award or if she can get over the feud with the Hart, maybe send Owen’s kids to accept the award.

End of the day, it’s still up his widow on whether or not Owen Harts name and likeness are used for anything.

We can still remember him and tell younger fans about him.


For years now I’ve been seeing a petition on Facebook to try and get the British Bulldog into the Hall of Fame, I do mean years as well. I’m sure that petition gets signatures but it doesn’t change anything. Much like Owen here, there’s reasons why they haven’t been included and I’m sure it’s because of their family. It’s just like Deezy said, it’s up to the family and we may want them in but it’s not our choice.