Paige's tag team revealed. Spoilers inside



Too soon! In all seriousness, I wonder if it will be the Sky Pirates.

I feel it might be but face managers are tough to pull off, and I wonder how she would work with their cute best friend type dynamic. I mean it helps with Promos as they don’t have the best English, but I worry the whole thing might just come off awkwardly. On the show they mentioned Ripley and Gonzalez and that seems like a more natural fit for Paige, but they don’t necessarily need a mouth piece.


As for the topic; Candace and Kacy or Sky Pirates.

Would be surprised if it’s sky pirates since a singles program with Io vs Shayna hasn’t been done yet. Although they could scrap it and bring them up and then use BelAir for a feud again

Is Tegan Nox still injured?

I honestly don’t think someone’s NXT run should be considered. If the time is right to move them up and there’s a slot on the MR then they should go for it.

if i can be Lance Storm for a minute,who says it has to be a female tag team?

Didn’t she say they would challenge iconics?

No she’s not, she’s training at the PC.

For the tag team, it has to be a team who needs a mouthpiece, that would be the sky pirates.

As I predicated it seems obvious from the NXT tapings that Sane is done and that next match for Baszler is Io.

Most likely she’ll just bring over Nia Jax & Tamina from Raw.

Gotta be sky pirates. They’ll handle the wrestling. Paige will handle the english

Exactly what I think. Just to piss us off.

Some spoiler tags would’ve been nice.

Speculation is fine and all, but did we.have to reference tapings we haven’t seen yet?

Absolutely Class :joy::joy::joy::joy:.