Pat McAfee misses WWE 'every day', hopes timing can be figured out for a return

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Pat McAfee has said he misses WWE every day and cannot be part of it “timing wise” at the moment, but added, “we will figure it out.”

McAfee was conducting a question-and-answer session Wednesaday on Instagram Stories. He said the following when asked, “Do you miss the WWE?”

This is gonna sound like pandering or a cheap pop, it’s not though, like every day, bro, literally.

You know, when I was in the NFL, I was envious of the people that could go do indie wrestling. ‘Cause I wasn’t allowed obviously under my NFL contract. And also I couldn’t jeopardize what was paying for me and my family and my friends to kind of have a much better life than what we grew up in.

So then I get an opportunity to wrestle and do the WWE life. And it was an honor and a dream. And I had to time my f–king life in there. Loved it every single moment.

He went on to explain why it was not possible to be part of the WWE at present:

We’ve worked our ass off but I’m incredibly busy. And we got 15 employees over here that are having babies and building houses. So it’s a tough thing to deal with mentally because, emotionally I wanna be there, but I just can’t timing wise, but we will figure it out.

McAfee did commentary alongside Michael Cole on WWE SmackDown from April 2021 until taking a leave of absence to present ESPN College GameDay in September 2022. He returned to the commentary desk as a one-off at the 2023 Royal Rumble. His most recent work for WWE was wrestling a short match against The Miz at WrestleMania 39.