Patreon Question

So I’ve just signed up to the Patreon and recieved my e-mail with the link to the RSS feed for the extra podcasts. I’m just wondering whether or not that can be applied to multiple podcast catchers or just one. I use Podcast Addict when I’m out and about but I will also listen to podcasts on my laptop through iTunes when I’m at home. If I can’t add the RSS to both, that’s fine, but I’d rather know in advance so that I can make the choice of which to use rather than adding to one and then finding out I can’t add to the other. Does anyone have an answer on this one or am I gonna be the guinea pig for this experiment? :grinning:

I’m not really sure, as I use ITunes on my laptop & just the patreon site to download on my mobile.

Sorry I can’t be more help.

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No Worries man, I realise my situation might be a bit of an outlier and this might actually be a unique question as most people have far more logical ways of doing things. I’m gonna see if I get any more answers on this before diving in and trying it for myself but either way, I think I can survive. :rofl:

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You should be fine on those two. Patreon does suspend feeds if they detect several devices being active to prevent people from sharing their RSS with others, report back to us if you experience any problems.

Thanks John. I’ll do that.

It’s not like I’ll be using them to listen to the same podcasts as there would be no point, so fingers crossed Patreon will see that and realise it’s just me using it, but I totally understand the idea that they don’t want one person signing up and sharing out the RSS feed to all their friends.