Paul Roma speaks on performers being propositioned in WWF

Originally published at Paul Roma speaks on performers being propositioned in WWF

Former WWF performer Paul Roma spoke publicly this week about male performers being propositioned for sexual acts during his time in the company.

With a massive focus on the company’s culture following the civil suit filed by Janel Grant against Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis, and WWE itself, many are examining past incidents alleged to have occurred.

Roma appeared on NewsNation with host Ashleigh Banfield and outlined instances of company officials soliciting talent for sexual favors and stating, “It wasn’t so much Vince (McMahon) as it was the people he had surrounding him”.

Roma described male talent starting to make money and being in positions where their job was on the line if they didn’t acquiesce to those requests with Roma saying, “I witnessed quite a few that walked away.”

Roma said his former partner in the Young Stallions (Jim Powers) was propositioned and that Powers went to one of the agents and told him with Roma believing it hurt both of them because that agent was just going to go to those above him, who were the ones being the propositioning.

In another explosive part of the chat, Banfield shared a discussion her team had with former wrestler Mario Mancini, “and said he knows of at least one incident from years ago that is even worse than some of the worst allegations in Janel Grant’s lawsuit”, to which Roma responded, “Yes, I do know what it is and it is worse.” Roma could not elaborate on any details.

Roma began doing matches for the World Wrestling Federation in 1984 and was later part of The Young Stallions with Jim Powers, and Power & Glory with Hercules. His run with the company ended in 1991 and worked for WCW beginning in 1993.