Paul Wight recalls Bret Hart laying out storyline for them that would lead to Bret getting back in the ring

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Wight states that Bret kept him up for an hour laying this idea out. 

Bret Hart became a topic of conversation during Paul Wight a.k.a Big Show’s Q&A session at For the Love of Wrestling (via Monopoly Events). 

While speaking about talents he wishes he got to have a match with, he named Bret and said they still exchange messages about the idea of them wrestling. Wight then recalled a one-hour conversation between them after Bret retired. 

The two-time WWE Hall of Famer laid out a storyline for himself and Wight that would lead to his in-ring return. Bret thought he could get cleared for it and said the finish was going to be Wight tripping over the Canadian flag and being caught in a small package. 

The only guy I’ve never got to work with like I wanted was Bret Hart and Bret and I still text back and forth about the ultimate match with Bret Hart versus Big Show and I’ll tell you this little story. When I was in WWE, I used to have my own tour bus because it was easier than renting cars and staying in hotels and with WWE, you always had to be prepared because Vince (McMahon) might want you in a suit or, you know, so when I had a bus, I was prepared for everything so Bret caught a ride with me one time from Raw to SmackDown and I used it when I have a guest on the bus. I give him the TV remote, there’s the fridge, there’s the water and I go to the back and I go to bed. I’m not gonna sit up and entertain you all day. I’m giving you a ride. So, I start to go to bed and Bret says, ‘Hey, I wanna talk to you about an idea.’ So I sit down and Bret Hart, who has retired at this point from in-ring competition, starts talking about this great idea where him and I can have a match and at first I’m like, ‘You’re pulling my leg dude. You got a cracked coconut. There’s no way we’re gonna have a match.’ He goes, ‘Oh no, no, no. There’s a way we can medically do it and you’re so good that we can work around it’ and so for an hour-and-a-half, Bret Hart kept me up with all the spots, how we’re gonna do the angles on Raw, run-ins, just a complete storyline angle and the finish was me tripping over the Canadian flag and winding up in a small package and I looked at Bret and I went, ‘F you for keeping me up for an hour-and-a-half when I wanted to go to bed.’ So I would say if I could, wrestling Bret would have been one of my favorite matches…

Wight was a commentator on AEW Dark: Elevation but that program along with Dark are no longer airing on YouTube. 

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