Paul Wight reflects on Ogogo/Rhodes weigh-in segment: "That was a freakin’ disaster"

Originally published at Paul Wight reflects on Ogogo/Rhodes weigh-in segment: "That was a freakin’ disaster"

The segment took place on the lead up to Double or Nothing.

As Cody Rhodes and Anthony Ogogo were building to their match at AEW Double or Nothing 2021, there was a weigh-in segment on Dynamite. Both competitors brought their respective ‘camps’ with them to the ring and the segment was hosted by Paul Wight.

It was one of the first on-screen segments Wight got the chance to be a part of since joining AEW and he expressed that it did not go well. Wight told The Wrestling Classic that afterwards, he asked what went wrong and was told that Rhodes did not want it to be a “WWE production”. Wight closed by saying it’s okay to fail and make mistakes because that’s a part of life.

That weigh-in scale, one of the first things I did and I remember coming back and I went, ‘Yo man, what the f*ck was that?’ So he said, ‘Oh, well Cody didn’t want it to look like a WWE production.’ Well, he succeeded because it was f*cking rough. But you know, if that’s the case then you learn. It’s okay to fail and that’s life. It’s okay to fail and that’s the thing, sometimes when some things get so overproduced, it almost sets the image that no one can fail, you know what I mean? And that’s not how it works. Failure creates the best success, so I love the fact that it’s like that. Like yeah, we’ll throw some stuff against the wall…

Wight has been with AEW for over a year. He commentates on Dark: Elevation. The 50-year-old Wight last wrestled in March of this year on a Dark: Elevation taping in his hometown of South Carolina.

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