Pay it Forward

Hello Fellow POSTers,

I am in Melbourne to watch the SuperShow and visit friends. We secured 4 tickets for the Show, and sadly our 4th can not attend. In discussing options, I thought it might be a nice opportunity to give the ticket away, perhaps to someone that could not afford to get the ticket and really wanted to go, as WWE does not hit Australia all that often.

We are sitting on the first level, facing the stage and 12 rows back. Should be a good view. Elevated enough to see over the ground seats, and slightly above the ring level.

I need assistance getting the word out from fellow Australian POSTers as I know there a few on here. We want to give a great moment to a fan that will enjoy the show and enjoy being around fellow fans of Wrestling.

We want to ensure if we can that the person who gets the ticket, is worthy, so to speak, and not someone who just wants to go but does not want to pay. Perhaps in this community, someone knows a certain person that really wants to go, but just cant afford it. There is a lot of bad in this world, and we thought lets make something good, even if for just 1 night, for someone. IE Pay It Forward.
If the POSTers are successful in finding someone we can arrange details via DM

Appreciate any suggestions or assistance in this. Many Thanks

HBC- Jay


Man these sound like amazing seats hope you guys have an amazing night!

If you can also pay for my flight from the UK im am in like ming.