PCO Can You Explain Him

I just dont get him. I have seen him live and on ROH and other places including the Crockett Cup and I just dont get his popularity

It’s different. It’s wacky. It’s over the top. Its a throw back to the way wrestling was.

And everyone likes a good come back story.

I fear it’s going to end very badly for him though.


He’s a nut job. Wrestling fans aren’t geniuses. They like beer. Is it that hard to understand lol?

It’s cool that he’s made a comeback but he’s over because he does insanely stupid spots at an age where he’s going to not just get hurt but never be the same after. We can’t cry about workers health care if we cheer a 50 year old taking back bumps to the outside off the top rope

From what I hear… He’s NOT human!

Imagine seeing your 300lbs French-Canadian grandfather do a somersault onto an apron


I guess I just dont care for someone my age doing moves that make me cringe when a 20 something does them