Penelope Ford recalls almost undergoing name change in AEW

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Ford shares that AEW wanted to alter her name. 

The duo of Penelope Ford and Kip Sabian have both been with All Elite Wrestling since 2019. They were attempting to recall how they first became a pair on television while doing a Captain’s Corner virtual signing

Neither could remember whose idea it was for them to be paired together on-screen but as they were thinking about it, Penelope mentioned that AEW wanted to alter her name. 

Sabian: It was us, I think (who pitched being together on AEW TV), was the original, right? Did we pitch that? I can’t remember. I think we did. Did we pitch it? I honestly can’t remember. I remember I was doing the babyface gimmick which — 

Ford: No, they wanted to change my name. 

Sabian: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. 

Ford: And yeah, because we had a storyline out of it. 

Sabian: No, but prior to that when they first — I can’t remember how we came about, just end up working together. I remember the promos. It was like at Revolution or it was like a — 

Ford: I remember I said, ‘Why be bad when you can be superbad?’ 

Sabian: We had a promo backstage about it, I remember that. I can’t remember. I can’t remember if it was our idea, maybe it was our idea. 

Ford: I don’t know. 

When it comes to doing more together on-screen, both Sabian and Ford are open to feuding with Sammy Guevara and Tay Melo. Sabian jokingly said Melo and Guevara are doing exactly what him and Ford were doing prior to his injury

Sabian: Of course (we’d be open to feuding with Sammy Guevara & Tay Melo). 

Ford: We’re always in a feud with them (she laughed). 

Sabian: Why wouldn’t we? I mean, let’s get down to brass tacks here, let’s be brutally honest. They are basically doing characters that we did prior to my injury. Let’s be serious. 

Ford: They’re the carbon copy. 

Sabian: It is, so of course there’s room for it but it depends on whether they want the heat, whether they want the smoke… I mean technically, Sammy’s never beat me. 

Ford: It’s true. 

Sabian: But I’ve beat him. First-ever match (in AEW) and no one’s taking that from me. I’m gonna die on that hill. I’m also 100 percent joking here.

Sabian wrapped up a program with Orange Cassidy over the All-Atlantic Title earlier this month. Ford has not wrestled in a sanctioned match since October. 

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