Pentagon Jr. & Fenix...

Just read a news article with regards to both Pentagon Jr. & Fenix cancelling last minute for a show in California this past Friday night. Pentagon Jr. says the last minute cancellation was due to injury and doctor’s orders to take it easy but rumour has it that they worked a Mexico show two days later.

I’ve just begun to get familiar with both guys and I saw them at the IMPACT Tapings in Toronto just recently and they’re both talented beyond words. Is the last minute cancellation notorious for them or is it possible they’re heading to the WWE and could care less about the Indy scene outside of Mexico?

I’ve been aware of them for a while and this is the first I’ve heard of them cancelling a show so close to it. It could be as they said, they are taking it a little easier as they’re hurting and feel they couldn’t miss the Mexico show regardless. It is odd that both cancelled though.

They have Lucha Underground contracts that wont let them go to WWE tell after season 5 (I think) runs. Just like Ricochet couldnt leave tell after season 3 ended.