Peter Avalon Fun Facts

If you have been watching AEW and you don’t know who Peter Avalon is or just know a little about him, don’t worry I am here to help with a summary.

Peter Avalon is a local product out of the Los Angeles Indy circuit.

The main promotion he worked for was Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.
I have seen many live shows and seen Peter Avalon perform a lot.

He held the top belt in that company for a while, Hollywood Heritage Championship.

Fun Fact: CWFH used to be a member of the NWA. They left years ago, but started working with them again and putting them on national TV. CWFH has had a National TV deal for a few years on Youtoo America,some oddball channel with limited national distribution, however it’s still impressive they have done that. I watch them on my local station.
CWFH was responsible for the Aldis and Storm championship match for the 10lbs of gold on national TV. This match was a long time ago before NWA Power. CWFH and NWA formed a working relationship.

CWFH has continued their relationship with the NWA and the President of CWFH is now
the interviewer on NWA POWER.
David Marquez is his name.
I digressed big time.
Back to Peter Avalon…
His speciality in CWFH was being able to take a bump. Dude can take a beating.

Years ago he worked for TNA as Norv.

I am very psyched for him. He has worked very hard and made it to the big leagues.
Please give him heat.

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He can have my X-Pac heat

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I was actually pretty surprised to hear him talk about being Norv Furnham in TNA while on Jericho’s podcast, totally does not look like the same guy at all.

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