Petition to separate other sports discussion from Wrestling discussion

Can I ask a request to separate other sports discussion (mma, boxing, kicboxing, racing, hockey, football, etc.) to be separated from Wrestling discussion, and have its own discussion section to avoid confusion?


Are you getting confused by topics that are clearly labeled as other sports?

Or am I missing stealth kickboxing discussions hiding in the Raw feedback thread, or racing chatter in the Dynamite ratings posts?


Is it really that confusing?



It really confuses me, a lot.

I mean, ok, It confuses you and that’s not great. However, how many other sports are being discussed on this board? I can count two (three if you include MMA):

Formula 1 (guilty!): it has its own self-contained thread. F1 talk doesn’t bleed into raw ratings or news updates or anything wrestling-specific.

NHL: there seems to be little action in that thread. But again, it’s a self-contained thread.

There are no NBA, MLB, or NFL threads that I’ve seen on the forum.

So, with there being only two sports discussed around here that have their self-contained, hardly active threads, which are not entirely pro-wrestling related, I’m not sure how less visible and minimal we can make the non-wrestling sports talk around here to make it less confusing for you. I mean, the threads are clearly marked F1 and NHL discussion so… And creating a new categorization is not necessarily the most prudent avenue to explore to get people in on the conversation.

I get where you are coming from, and people have different ways of categorization or sorting that works for them, but there are two non-pro wrestling/MMA threads on the forum to avoid that are clearly labeled and easy to avoid (as most people here do (lol! :laughing:)).


I find it confusing when every time I’ve come to this forum the last week or two it looks like this.

Cool that you’re contributing to the board. But you don’t have to drag up years old threads, and make new threads just for the sake of doing it.

Great you’re enthusiastic about topics - but I swear I’ve seen your opinion of WWE renaming UFC to “WWE MMA” like three or four times already.

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This is part of the confusion that I’ve been telling you.

Guys…what does NHL mean is that a new title or something?

What does F1 mean? Is that Brock Lesnars new move? I’m very confused.


We need segragation of every discussion.

Wrestling, MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing, Football, Rugby, Hockey, Baseball, Racing, Videogames, Miscellaneous are all should be separated.

No thank you. Just find another board that suits your liking if this is such a big problem.


Perhaps before you decide how the board is organized you should at least be a Patreon ?


Apologies for all the rugby chat. So many rugby discussions happening on this message board.


The NHL Title?!?! ANOTHER NEW TITLE?!?! :flushed: :disappointed: Aren’t there enough titles in wrestling? What does that even mean?

F1, F5, F10, FU…There are too many F’s. F! :confused:


We like chatting loads of rubbish. We all disagree, we agree, we even argue at times. I for one don’t want this board to change, it’s the only message board I use…no need to fix something that’s not broken


Personally I think the board is fine, but I think this is more of a @vanguard86 and @wai0937 @johnpollock Private Message kind of conversation.

I don’t think its necessary for the entire board to give the kid a hard time.