Petition to start reviewing WCW Thunder

Can we start a petition to get John & Wai to start reviewing WCW Thunder???

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I’ll sign on. I’d love to hear their thoughts.

They’re reviewing enough, lets not force them through a meaningless show like Thunder.

I think you are taking the petition part, a little too literal there, bud. I don’t think he wants to force them to do anything. He’s more looking for others who are interested, so John & Wai see if it is something they can do down the line.

Thunder has more meaning to me than 205 Live does, and they review that on a weekly basis. Maybe they can do an episode or two as a Friday Patreon bonus show like they did with the Coliseum Video releases.

205 Live was more relevant while Thunder was airing than Thunder, and it didn’t exist yet.

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I kind of addressed this myself earlier but I genuinely did want to do a text recap thing for Thunder to correspond with Keep it 2000. It’s genuinely difficult to watch, so much so that that project immediately failed. And I think if anyone were to do it they should do it as a part of that show, simply thematically. But it’s a lot, it’s really bad, and the few diamonds in the rough have pretty much already surfaced on the internet elsewhere.

“Thunder A Wai”!!

@johnpollock @wai0937 the people have spoken!

No one watched Thunder back then so why the hell would anyone want to watch it now?

Save it for Brian & Nate, Keep it 2000 is running out of time.

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As entertaining as this would be, until they move to the pacific time zone, I think they’re doing enough.