Peyton Royce calls out Meltzer

I just listened to Wrestling observer live where Alvarez read what Meltzer wrote on the message board, that he was trying to discuss men and women equally. It legit sounds like he meant no harm and stepped on a landmine, hoping tonight’s Observer radio isn’t a downer

Even tho Meltzer apologized for it, I didn’t think anything was wrong when he said it. I agreed with him. Its a cosmetic business. :man_shrugging:

Dave & his buddy can GO SUCK a lemon !

— CJ (Lana) Perry (@LanaWWE) August 16, 2018

I’m almost positive that Lana has no idea who Meltzer and his buddy (Alvarez) are. I would go as far to say she might not even know what the Wrestling Observer is.

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Or having intellectual discussions as opposed to trolling boards looking for a reaction by claiming you’re offended.
You’re in the minority here pal. Anyone with common sense knew what he meant, there’s always the exception though ‘LOL’

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Even if you find Dave’s comments distasteful or unbecoming, this systematic attack from WWE talent is somewhat farcical, since they’re happy to take a paycheck from a company whose track record with women is extremely questionable and just this year is dealing with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but they’re very keen to chastise Dave.

It’s easy to get on your high horse when it’s just one man, suppose it’s harder to think about your morals when you’re paying off a mortgage.


Yeah, the way people are piling on him makes me super uncomfortable. What he said was clumsy, rather than malicious yet people are piling on him as if this is some ‘grab them by the pussy’ level stuff. And yeah, the hypocrisy from people like Rollins, Breeze, Renee Young who said nothing publicly when WWE went to Saudi Arabia, or re-hired Hulk Hogan is nauseating.


It no secret that I’m not a huge Dave Meltzer fan. Ever since the whole Mauro ranallo situation we’re he took his opinion and reported it as fact, it made me realize how He’s just another fan but with a lot of connections.

So I’m not surprise that a comment he made finally caught up with him. The thing is, It’s not the first time that something happened with Dave as back during the attitude era, he was very harsh on sable.

The thing is with Dave is the same problem that a lot of the modern fans have. If a wrestlers especially a women doesn’t have great workrate, it most be because of how she look. Yes, he did apologize for his comment but he should have known better then to say them in the first place. It’s not 1998 when you can say what you want and nobody will care, where in 2018 and anything you say can be taken out of context and use against you and Dave finally found out about it.

So I don’t blame all the backlash He’s getting right now because even if it was taken out of context, he still shouldn’t have been brought up in the first place.

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WWE’s newest B A Star campaign: gang up on the guy who covers your industry in an honest and objective way! That actually is such a WWE thing to happen

This is a microcosm if society today:

  • something happens
  • initial knee jerk reaction and takes set a narrative
  • people review what happen and then try to figure out how to strike the appropriate balance of commenting and understanding
  • a second narrative of backlash to the backlash starts
  • the story which is a non story to begin with fades away

Dave gave a lengthy apology on todays WOR, seemed genuinely sincere and upset that he’d hurt someones feelings. Hopefully that’ll be the end of it

Edit - also, he made it clear on the show that he was talking about her boob job, and that she looked better before it.

Really weird timing for Carmella to cut a promo about how much better looking she was and had a better body than Charlotte and Becky, and then a day later all of the women in WWE are outraged someone would talk about their bodies.

I feel bad for Peyton if she thought the comment was about her weight, it was a clumsy comment from dave that while most people knew the context and what he was talking about, was left open to interpretation and I’m glad he apologized.

The entire thing took a weird turn last night. After dave apologized I saw the majority of people across the internet accept it and move on, and then a whole slew of WWE wrestlers came in piling on and people started realizing what was going on. I’ve seen people call it “whataboutism” with people bringing up WWE’s own problem with women, but no one has excused dave. He apologized, and was sincere. You can also remember AJ Lee’s book where she says the Head of Talent Relations came up to her and told her “no one wants to have sex with you, we have a standard to uphold” and think the reactions for WWE superstars are really hollow considering Johnny Ace still works there.


It’s a cosmetic business. If Royce can’t handle a little criticism maybe she should step away from the spotlight.

It’s pretty hypocritical all the superstars are jumping him. What he said sucked but Seth, Charlotte, Paige etc haven’t said a word about Randal, Tye, Cedric, or how Vince treated women.

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Im listening to Dave’s podcast. He is genuinely apologetic. The line was completely misinterpreted. He was still wrong but most attacks on him are based on a factual misinterpretation. Im sure it’ll blow over but glad he’s apologizing for his ill wording.

Laurinaitis doesn’t still work there.

Yes he does, just not in talent relations.

If you’re thinking the reality show…uh no.

If you’re thinking consultant. …uh no.

But this is a tangent…People bringing up Saudi Arabia like it’s the same thing don’t know how complex that issue is compared to someone saying something on a podcast derrrr

This is probably the first time that Dave has ever been picked up on something like this and considering how long he’s been writing/sharing his opinion on wrestling, I imagine that it was taken the wrong way as his apology suggests.

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No I was talking about the fact he’s an agent.

Consultant…not an agent, hasn’t been for awhile. Don’t go to Wikipedia for info.

As with most social media outrage, it really isn’t that big of an issue. Not saying I agree with Meltzer’s comments or that it even really matters (don’t think Meltzer was suggesting it’s a big deal either to be fair) but the level of outrage people have over random, throw away comments that don’t have any malice behind them is ridiculous.