Phil Brooks files lawsuit against Scott Colton over legal fees

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The ongoing litigious battle between Phil Brooks and Colt Cabana (Scott Colton) continued with a recent countersuit filed by Brooks on June 18th seeking $600,000.

The suit was first reported by Mike Johnson at and provided the following details:

Colton initially filed a suit in the Circuit Court of Cook County in Illinois last August over unpaid legal fees when the two were listed as defendants in the suit from Dr. Chris Amann. The two were sued over comments made in Brook’s interview with Colton on the ‘Art of Wrestling’ podcast that was released in November 2014. The trial took place last year with the defendants prevailing but left with the cost of defending themselves.

Colton’s side has argued that an agreement was in place for Brooks to cover both sides’ legal fees. During the several-year process before the case was seen in front of a judge, the two friends had a falling out and Colton was eventually dropped from the legal representation of the Loeb Firm, which represented Brooks.

Colton’s suit from last August has been amended several times with the latest being filed on May 21st of this year where he is looking for $200,000 and additional damages.

In PWinsider’s findings of Brook’s new lawsuit, he claims he spent over $1.2 million in legal over two-years in legal fees, stating in the filings that “Colton’s unjust retention of the benefits of receiving a high-quality, professional legal defense through the Loeb Firm paid for solely by Brooks without any reimbursement of Brooks violated fundamental principles of justice, equality, and good conscience.”

The suit also outlines the monetary gain Coltan made from the podcast episode and that there was an incentive for Colton to keep the episode up when it was requested by Dr. Amann’s representation to be taken down. Colton had argued previously he would have taken the episode down if not for the fact Brooks was willing to cover his legal fees and fight the case.

The Loeb Firm continued representing both after their personal falling out, but the firm dropped Colton before the trial citing an “ethical issue that prevented them from continuing to represent Colton.”

Brooks suit is seeking $600,000 for general damages on top of interest on those damages. Colton’s legal team must respond by next Wednesday.

If Punk wins wouldn’t it be a hilarious kick in the pants if WWE stepped up and helped Cabana with the fees?


There’s a part of me that still misses CM Punk in the ring, especially when Raw is so dull at the moment.

But Phil Brooks the person seems like an asshole.


Not sure about missing him in the ring as he was actually quite average in the ring but on the mic and when working angles, definitely.

Colt is in trouble

I don’t know the whole story but it does seem like he’s taking it in the keister on this one.

Its amazing to think this much grief started for Colt just bc he hosted a podcast. Pretty dumb.

He had an out. WWE told him to take it down and he didn’t comply. He trusted Punk who said he had him covered. If he had just done what WWE wanted this would have all gone away

Even worse

Dude must be kicking himself

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If he has a record of those convos which I imagine he can get then I don’t see the case by Phil.

That said - Tony Khan should step up, pay everyone and then work a deal out to play this on AEW TV. Who says no to Punk v Cabana at All Out in Chicago!


I’m too lazy to start a new thread but what do y’all think the % chance that we see…

Punk wrestle a full match in the WWE?

Punk wrestle a full match in the AEW?

Punk wrestle a full match in a different promotion (roh, njpw, etc)?

I would love to know what colt did that turned CM Punk against him

Now this is what Colt said happened on his podcast. (Don’t remember how long ago it was.)
WWE came to Chicago and Colt went backstage to see friends that where working for WWE and Punk said Colt betrayed him by siding with WWE over him.

That is to the best of my memory on what Colt said happened.

That is pretty dumb of Colt if the WWE is suing him to show up backstage. Makes no sense