Plans for Elimination Chamber 2023

What do you all think is the route for Elimination Chamber 2023?

Usually it would relate to the belt not being contested at WM but with Roman holding both and Cody being the challenger that doesn’t really work.

I just had a thought about the possibility of a Blood line Chamber?! Hear me out.

Roman, Jay, Jimmy, KO and Sami in the chamber. Sami and KO start and are forced to fight…then Jimmy joins and attacks KO while Sami is still torn and confused but defends his friend KO
Roman Joins and they beat the 2 of them down but mainly KO with Sami being treated as an outcast they have no respect for.
Then Jay joins and someone with a better creative brain then me can decide how the match pans out but ultimately it leads to the Tag Team match somehow

Or do you have a better idea for how the Chamber can be used?

I think a second chamber match for the Intercontinental belt could work with some awesome workers in the X-Division spot as an entertaining high flying match

I’m fairly confident the chamber will be used to determine the non-Rhea challenger. It’d be fun if they had Roman finally defend it in the chamber considering he’s completely ducked it for his whole run.

Having Roman defend would make more sense then my idea.
You could do a great chamber while leading to the other matches at Mania with Brock, Lashley, Rollins and Gunther or something.
Brock and Lashley take each other out, Roman is saved by the Usos somehow

I hope they go with something decent, we don’t just want a Tag team chamber and a woman chamber where we can telegraph the winner before it even starts

This is obviously before even a minute of post-Rumble build, but right now it feels like Elimination Chamber (the show, not necessarily the match) needs to be about Cody. You can and should advance the Bloodline story in some way, but we all know that Roman Reigns is going to be the champion going into Mania. And presumably, his opponent is going to by Cody Rhodes. And only one of those guys needs to be heated up between now and then.

I think it would be a rush job to do Sami vs. Roman right away, though maybe not if you nail the storyline part (I’m the guy who said the main event would be dead having to follow two Rumbles… instead it was one of the best angles in WWE history). The issue is that whatever you do – that I can think of – with the Bloodline, you’re still ultimately building to Sami/Roman instead of Cody/Roman. So there’s work to do as far as making sure that your Wrestlemania world title program still feels like a Wrestlemania world title program.

And unrelated: didn’t Triple H says something about getting rid of “gimmick PPVs” and instead using the match when warranted? Because this would be a year to not have an Elimination Chamber, at least not between the Rumble and Mania.

They likely need a women’s EC to pick the other challenger for Charlotte.

For the men I agree - they need to make Cody hotter for the WM match.

Sami and Roman or Sami and Jey needs to have some direction as well

Could you do something about Roman dismissing Cody as not on his level and maybe others as well so Cody puts his place on the line only to win and get more credibility…but that also seems silly in storyline to risk his place

Looks like part of this conversation is now moot:

But the tricky part is that you’re booking Cody in a match that he’s almost definitely winning. Can be done, of course, but really adds a degree of difficulty. He needs an opponent who will put him over strong, put on a good match, and fans won’t be too pissed that he’s essentially an afterthought in the Cody/Roman build.

I think they go with Gunther or Solo Sikoa. In either case, I would look forward to the match, but I don’t like the idea of either one losing.

I cant see it being Gunther, especially considering he’s the IC champ. Doesn’t make sense to have the IC champ loose a non title match just before Mania, and it certainly doesn’t make sense to have Cody win the IC title. Solo is a good idea, and I think Solo can afford a loss to a guy like Cody, especially if it is presented as a “battle” that Cody overcomes opposed to some type of squash. I think Solo is undefeated at this point, and history has shown that undefeated streaks can sometimes be more of a curse, Cody is the perfect person for him to loose to. AEW has shown, guy can loose as long as the follow-up is good, and when it comes to the Bloodline, Im not worried about bad follow-up.

Solo Vs Cody would be a great match, maybe being ordered to fight by Roman which causes more issues within the bloodline when Solo loses.

I think the main thing is Elimination chamber really doesn’t work here. They should just be building to a Backlash or vengeance right now.

The Elimination chamber should be for the big belt so this PPV just feels a bit throw away to me now

It still works, I think you are looking at it too much from the perspective of the men’s division. You need a challenger for Charlotte, and I assume (I havent watched since the Rumble) that they are going to name the #1 contender for her title this way. The US title match isn’t really necessary, but I dont mind it as it does make the title feel more important. Back to Charlotte though, its important IMO that the womens title matches at Mania feel just as special as the Mens matches, and having the challenger go through an Elimination Chamber matchup first IMO helps with that. I dont want some random 4 corners match on Smackdown to name the Mania contender.

I guess I don’t think the Chamber works as a pre-mania match as it’s just throwing everyone in and picking a winner to challenge.

We should by now be at a point where there are stories in place for people to challenge and the next PPV should just confirm those matches.

It says a lot about WWE booking that we still don’t know who’s the challenger for the main titles

Chamber would be a fun match coming out of Mania to decide the number once contenders

After Smackdown this Friday, there are eight weeks of TV left plus the Elimination Chamber. That’s a total of about 45 hours. And we have matches set for the World/Universal and the Smackdown Women’s titles, plus #1 Contender’s matches set for the U.S. and Raw Women’s titles. Assuming those matches are set at Elimination Chamber as scheduled, they will still have six weeks of TV before Mania after that. I think they’re doing fine, timing wise.

I don’t like the Chamber as a match at all, and I do agree that it especially doesn’t work in between the Rumble and Mania. But to me, that’s like arguing that Raw should be cut to two hours – it’s firmly established that WWE isn’t going to leave significantly money on the table just because the Internet doesn’t like it from a creative standpoint.

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See I love it as a pre mania match, always have. I like the idea of the #1 contender for the world championship having to win a big match in order to get a title match on the big stage. Between the Rumble and the Chamber, I feel that is the perfect use out of them. Like I said before, Ive always hated the chamber when its a title match.


I guess you’re right and I’m being harsh. They have made a rod for their own back though with it being a 2 day event.

Without some of the legends I’m sure we could all come up with a good list of 7 matches to feature at WM but outside of the bloodline and Judgement day I don’t feel there are masses of stories building to a pay off at WM. Not enough to satisfy 2 days that’s for sure

Yeah you can make a story in the next 6 weeks but it won’t interest me enough to want to watch at least

I would never ever ever ever want them to go back to a one night Mania. I hated the eight hour one night Mania’s, once you got past the 4 or 5 hour mark, it was dreadful and so hard to pay attention. Personally I hate it when any wrestling show goes past 3 hours.

Now if you did one night, 7 matches, that would be tolerable, but you would alienate a shitload of talent as there is no chance you wont be leaving big time names off the card. Its the same reason why AEW does like 15 matches for All Out. You can’t not put your big names on the biggest show of the year.