Please vote!

Without making this political, as a Canadian that can’t vote in the election but will be effected by the result I implore everyone to take this election seriously and vote if you can. With the COVID crisis and civil unrest this is the most important election of my lifetime and for anyone who is able to vote please take the responsibility seriously.

Don’t think your candidate will win anyway etc - every vote counts as we saw in 2016. So please - make sure your voice is heard.

Be safe everyone!


EC makes it feel like some presidential votes don’t count depending on where you live.

Kinda frustrating but local stuff still matters

I think its also important for people to realize that this election can go in any direction. I would not be shocked in the slightest if Trump decimates Bidden, Trump squeaks past Bidden, Bidden decimates Trump, or Bidden squeaks past Trump.

Don’t be fooled that any result is a given based on your social circle. This is the type of thinking that leads to people not voting, ESPECIALLY if you live in a swing state.

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I think trump absolutely has a chance to win but biden being destroyed would have to be considered a surprise with all the info we currently have.

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Voted for Biden and legalization of marijuana in New Jersey like a month ago. Fingers crossed!

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Trump is such a hard person to accurately poll. Don’t forget that back in 2016 most news outlets were saying he had zero chance. I remember Huffington Post said he had a 3% chance of winning.


Trump doesn’t have the raw numbers for a landslide (most reputable reports have his support maxed-out at around 40-45%). but it’s possible that he could squeak out another EC win.

The likely outcome is that Biden wins (in large part, b/c he has more ways to win). If Biden wins FL, he wins…If Biden sweeps the midwest trio, he wins…if Biden can squeak out wins in NC & GA, he wins.

The more pressing question IMO, is what will happen when/if Trump loses?

Will he acquiesce power willingly, or will this get ugly.



I hope so…regardless though, my main point in what I said is that I hope anyone who opposes trump votes. Don’t take a Bidden win for granted.

Like I said earlier…in 2016 Huffington Post gave Trump a 3% chance of winning, SNL was doing skits of Hilarys guaranteed win, these are just two examples of hundreds. I believe that a lot of people who will vote Trump are very quiet about it, or flat out lie about it. Any poll involving him is tough to gauge, it’s truly all over the place.

Long story short, everyone please vote (I’m Canadian so I can’t, but my fingers are crossed).

I’m an American. I’ve spent the last four years thinking about 2016 every day :confused:

Like I said, trump can win and the polls can be wrong but we are not seeing the same thing as we did in 2016. There are a lot of differences with biden.

And HRC was probably the worst possible choice in 2016 and it wasn’t utter destruction. Biden getting crushed is probably the least likely outcome. I could see it being very close tho.

I 100% agree its least likely, I just wouldn’t be shocked. Also, to be clear, when I say decimated (maybe not the best word choice) I consider what happened last time being that. I’m not talking anything crazy like a shutout or even necessarily a win in the popular vote.

Can we both agree that all democrats NEED to vote and not take this for granted?

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For sure. Almost 100 million voted so far. Now it’s time for the last push.

No time for purity tests. Vote for the guy with half a sense of decency. Bi.d.n…

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I’m from The UK and whilst on furlough I followed American News instead of The British News (As it was getting annoying) so I followed what’s going on.

But seriously, how can this be close and considering what The President has been saying and all the outrageous claims he and his family and staff have been making, is there nothing that can be done to stop it?

TBH, it looks like The Democrats aren’t taking any chances and it looks like having Barack Obama won’t hurt.

Bet if anyone booing The Doctors at the rallies, will want their help should they get it

Yeah, the aftermath ain’t going to be pretty.

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2008 was a decimation

I’d be pretty surprised if either side got trucked this year. I think it will be fairly close.

It’s kinda surreal to see the push to boot trump even on a niche wrestling podcast forum with so many international members. Crazy times

Makes me wonder what would be happening if there wasn’t a Election looming and this was 2 years left before there was one.

Surely steps would have been taken

What worries me is stories like this:

Buddy of mine went down to Florida (pre covid/protests to be fair) to attend a business seminar. When he was there, he asked quite a few people “Whats the deal with Trump, does the guy have any shot?”.

He’s not a Trump supporter at all and he was genuinely curious. He said that the overwhelming response was “The guy is an idiot, but I’m still going to vote for him”. I wont get into the reasons they laid out today.

Granted these were people in business, so I’m sure that skews things. But its stories like that which make me nervous.

There are definitely people voting for trump that know he’s fucking nuts but don’t give a shit bc it’s better for their bottom line.

Florida is also a garbage dump. Most other states are at least slightly better.

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If Raw tonight is a shit show, I wouldn’t mind if they spent 10 minutes reviewing it and spent the rest discussing The Election.

If it wasn’t so serious, it’s like Pro Wrestling, you having The Face Faction going up against The Heel Faction.

I’m just hoping that it does follow the time honoured tradition of the head of the heel faction wanting help from the other members of the group but they’ve had enough and turn on him to kick him out of the group at the worst possible time for him.

Got a feeling that this thread may end up looking like it’s the thread for an ongoing Wrestlemania.

I may even stay up throughout the night watching it all.

After all, I did it for the marathon Wrestlemania’s

It wasn’t people from Florida, it was a conference with people from across the country. But I agree with the first part.

Though like I said, this was in 2019 and alot has changed since then.

Well actually no votes count. This is an indirect democracy. You are literally voting for other people to vote for the president. Which happens in December.

Its america bro. We are all idiots