Please vote!

My brain will never fully accept that 45% of Americans support Trump.

It was an awful reality check for me…

It’s more complicated than that.

I think most people don’t like Trump but they will never vote democratic. They never have and never will. So they don’t see another option.

In areas like Wyoming and Oklahoma you aren’t going to see a Democrat win no matter what.

The reasons are usually just because that’s why they grown up doing and will always do

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I think this is part of the issue of having only two choices. While there are a ton of Trump supporters, I think just as many are just anti Democrat or anti Bidden. What I don’t get is how there is not a system in place for a celebrity too just walk in an get a nomination.

You need work experience to get a basic sales job, but to be president all you need is money and fame. I feel like you should have served as a senator, governor, house rep., mayor of a major city etc. first. It’s crazy. I don’t think that could happen in Canada, each party internally chooses their leader (at least from my understanding).

Exactly! You always have people that will blindly vote for a particular party. Personally I think that’s scary.

Isn’t Trudeau a drama teacher :slight_smile: ? He’s basically like a celebrity bc of his dad. I don’t think it’s that different.

Trump won the GOP nomination in 2016 against like 12 people. At the time people just wanted something different. Hillary Clinton was the opposite of different

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I’m no expert by any stretch, but I believe Trudeau joined the Liberal party in 2008, and was involved in some capacity until 2013 when he received the nomination.

You’re spot on about Trump, perfect example of how the grass isn’t always greener huh.

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Justin Trudeau was an MP for 3 years. But look here in Ontario, the PC party turfed their leader and Doug Ford got a mandate because of vote splitting. First Past the Post voting and being able to make up anything and reaching millions in a second on social media is a huge problem. Trump even said a while back he wouldn’t be president without social media, that’s why he calls cable media and the newspapers fake, because they (try) and fact check him.

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Ya, Patrick Brown has a sexual assault allegation and was removed as leader. But wasn’t the vote for Ford an internal vote between he, Mulroney, and another individual (name is escaping me).

It’s not really complicated if I’m being honest.

A lot of people have one or two issues that basically drive their vote no matter what they try to tell you.

Abortion for example. I have friends who have convinced themselves they are republicans but they are really just pro lifers who would vote in a monster if it got them another conservative on the supreme court.

I just had hoped that they wouldn’t sell their soul to trump but I was wrong…


It’s too bad we are so stuck in the two party nightmare.

I mean, I get it. A third party would just end up weakening one of the big two. It’s a mess.

Go back to the 80s and think about some of the candidates. It’s depressing.

Cowboy movie star
Bush and jr
Clinton and HrC
A reality star who sucks at running a business
Idiot from Alaska

How is this the best we can come up with? We have millions of people in America and we keep going back to same families for the most important job…

I really liked Bloomberg and Andrew Yang. I’m hoping either way we get some
Younger blood next go around from
Both sides

Follow the SuperPac money… It’s the Mercer family, Rupert Murdoch, the Kochs, heritage foundation, Federalist Society and NRA. These people and groups are responsible for such evil.

I think the most important thing you said there was “Pre-Covid”. If the Coronavirus doesn’t happen, I’d say that it would be a 75-80% chance of Trump getting reelected.

But because of Covid (which not only tanked the economy, but also exposed America’s issue w/race), I’m giving Biden a 70% chance to win…And I think I’m being pessimistic.

I was talking with Kris from L.A. over the weekend, & he basically said something to the effect of Trump won’t beat Biden, but he can cheat Biden. Which is why you see the GOP not even trying to hide their usual voter suppression schtick.

Trump won’t go down w/o a fight, but if it’s a fair election, Biden should win.



Fingers crossed! I think you’re right, but I can’t help but worry after 2016.

I’m fucking terrified.

Plz make some room for me up in Canada if we have a repeat of 2016.

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I have been a silent lurker on your podcasts about politics for about the last 8 years Brother Nate. I voted for the 1st time in my life last week. I’m over the age of 30 lol. I was happy when Obama won so I thought the country was moving into a better direction. I was dumbfounded when Trump won in 2016. The racial injustice being exposed this year along Covid & Trump winning last time gave me the kick in butt to finally vote. I’m not expecting everything to be fixed in a year but I hope some of this stuff gets addressed on top of the other issues plaguing the country. Looking forward to hearing you on Review A Raw tonight. I encourage any Americans that are registered please vote tomorrow.


As a Canadian, many of us are equally terrified at the prospect of another four years with a crazy person for a neighbor.


Not to mention, isn’t everyone just tired of hearing about him non stop? Whether it’s his stupid tweets, or clips, or headlines, I feel you can’t do anything without seeing that stupid orange face. I just want him to go away. I can’t take another 4 years of him dominating the news cycle.

I mean even if he (hopefully loses), Trump will still dominant the news for the foreseeable future. I am certain he lands a major deal for a Trump News Network, or something of the sort.


Ya you’re probably right, but I’m still crossing my fingers that the media move on from him. There is being in the headlines, and then there is Trump. Its a different level with him.

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