Podcast issues

Anyone else having problem with podcast feed not updating (automatically or manually). I use downcast, the Patreon exclusive feed is fine and so are all my other podcast. Anyone can help?

Just noticed upNXt is like this also. British wrestling experience is fine.

People have been reporting issues specifically with Downcast. I’m unsure why as our feed is valid across all other platforms.

The private RSS feed for Patreon members is working just fine.

The problem seems to be fixed. Working correctly on Downcast now.:grinning:

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Seems like as good a place as any.

I’ve been having an issue with the podcasts via iTunes. iTunes will download the podcast, play a random 3 seconds of said podcast and that is all. Not a new issue, as it happens 2-3 a month with RAR/RASD. But it happened with this past weeks Cafe Hangout. Downloaded directly to my phone and they always work fine.

Randomly, the corrupt file is always shows a runtime that is a few seconds longer. Whatever that means.

Patreon feed won’t update via podcast addict.

Here’s an update about the Patreon feed:

It’s hard for me to figure out what the issue is as I can’t replicate it and I haven’t heard of it happening to others. Might help if you manually inserted our RSS into iTunes:


I had that issue on PA as well. I unsubscribed/deleted the podcast & then re-entered the RSS address & it’s working fine now. Hope that helps. :sunglasses::+1::100:

So, manually adding the RSS into iTunes worked like a charm. Until now.

I haven’t been able to get anything on the main feed to even start downloading since Wednesday. So, the Cafe Hangout and Cruel Summers from over the weekend.

Don’t think it matters, but the BWE & UpNXT feeds work fine.

What app are you using? Have you tried searching for us through the app stores?

As always, our updated ways to subscribe across devices are listed at postwrestling.com/subscribe