Podcast stream quality

Are anyone else having problems with podcast not keeping acurate time? If I backskip 10 or 15 seconds it does a different time and throws the counter out of wack. At the end it will finish but still say there’s time left. I use Downcast on iPhone. I’m not having this problem on other podcast feeds.

No mine are fine and I’ve never had this issue.
Have you tried unsubscribing and then subscribing to the RSS feed again? That should hopefully work. This has worked for me in the past when I’ve had issues with podcasts not working.

I have this issue on Podcast Addict on Android where if the stream gets interrupted or rewound, it may start the whole episode over but the progress bar will still be the same.

I have the same issue and I download right from the forum and patreon. But it’s been like that all the way back to the LAW days.