Police report adds details on Jon Jones' arrest in Las Vegas

Originally published at Police report adds details on Jon Jones' arrest in Las Vegas

Details have emerged regarding last Friday’s arrest of Jon Jones while in Las Vegas for the UFC Hall of Fame ceremony.

Jones was arrested early Friday morning on charges of misdemeanor battery domestic violence and a felony charge for injury and tampering with a vehicle.

The police report has been released with ESPN’s Marc Raimondi reporting the details of his arrest.

Jones was taken into custody after officers stopped him on the Vegas strip. The former light heavyweight champion was said to be upset and proceeded to smash his head onto the hood of the police vehicle that caused a dent and paint to chip, which qualifies as a felony over the damage to the vehicle.

The misdemeanor for domestic battery was a result of a female stating things got a “little physical” between her and Jones in their hotel room where she alleged Jones touched the back of her head and pulled her hair a bit, but stated that Jones did not hit her. In the report, police noted that they observed blood on her clothing and there was dry blood around her lip. When asked about her lip, she told police she had dry lips. The report added that there were bloodstains on the bedsheets inside the room.

We are following the lead of ESPN but not identifying the female by name.

She said that Jones had been aggressive but not violent with her and he pulled her hair to prevent her from exiting the hotel room.

She did not allow for police to take photos or volunteer a statement, but they noted her lower lip was swollen and had a red mark on her cheek.

When Jones was being read his rights, Jones threatened to file a lawsuit against the police department and eventually, began crying while calling it “the biggest night of his life” after being inducted into the Hall of Fame for his fight with Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165 in 2013.

Jones denied touching the woman in question. He proceeded to make a joke about taking on all the officers, who responded with a warning that they would use a taser on Jones, if necessary, and Jones apologized.

Jones was let out on bail for $8,000 on Friday and is scheduled for a court appearance on October 26th.

This is just sad. Weather your a fan of his or not, this is disturbing and all fronts.