Poll - AEW Dynamite or Collision?

  • Dynamite & Collision most weeks
  • Just Dynamite most weeks
  • Just Collision most weeks
  • Neither

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The members of this forum are a group of very serious wrestling fans. Many of us are Patreon members just to hear John and Wai talk about wrestling.

So my question is are you excited for AEW Collision? Will you be watching 4 hours of AEW each week?

For the sake of this poll assume CM Punk is on Collision. The rosters probably look something like:

  • Dynamite - Omega, Young Bucks, Page, Danielson, Mox, Jericho & the JAS, Baker

  • Collision - Punk, Samoa Joe, Miro, Andrade, FTR, House of Black, Thunder Rosa

I’m curious how this will be covered every week on the cite. We have Rewind-A-Raw, Rewind-A-Dynamite, Rewind-A-Smackdown, now this with Collision. I personally would be shocked if John & Wai do a review show every week after Collision.


Covering it will be hard given that Saturday is when WWE runs PLEs now, so I suspect new hosts will cover Collision after the first episode.

Going to be a crowded night between this, WWE PLEs, UFC PPVs, and whatever indies choose to run Saturdays.

Punk or no Punk is the question

Does Punk really make that much of a difference?

With or without Punk I’m not watching 2 hours of wrestling on Saturday night. Even if I don’t watch it live, I don’t think I would get a chance to watch a recording until days later. At which point I would just watch Dynamite on Wednesday.

Previous polls and discussions have shown that most forum members watch less than 3 hours of wrestling a week. I don’t see a Saturday night show really convincing everyone to watch 4+ hours a week.

I’ll watch the Punk clips on YouTube. But I doubt I’ll be going out of my way to watch the whole show.

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I think I may just become more picky. I’ll skip half of dynamite and watch the 2-3 matches I wanna see and the same with Collision. Or I’ll just “watch” them both in the background while working from home. Either way I’m not properly consuming it but I just don’t have the time.
I really hope John and Wai do find a way to review otherwise I’ll just be out of the loop

How about if someone else does the review like Braden or Davie or Karen Peterson, Bruce Lord, etc? Doesn’t have to all be John and Wai?

Yeah I actually meant that. I meant John and Wai sort out but they don’t have to do the show themselves.

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