POLL: POST Puroresu Theme Song Winner

Here are the two finalists of the POST Puroresu theme song contest.

Vote for your choice:

  • Chris & Dasha
  • Chris Maffei

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Chris & Dasha:

Chris Maffei:


Their both so good, either choice will be a worthy winner!


Happy to call this one. Congrats Mr Maffei @cmstrike, your awesomely 80s vocoder goodness has bested our sparkly pop princess effort!

Thank you to @johnpollock and @WH_PARK for hosting the contest and for all the kind words on the episode.

Chris’ theme will be an awesome intro. Dude nailed it. :heart:


Chris, I have to tell you that when I was just about done with the song and came to see if anything had been submitted yet, I listened to your theme and didn’t even want to submit mine anymore! It was stuck in my head for the rest of the day. My wife eventually convinced me to submit mine, but I really love your entry and I think you two are the ones who nailed it. Your entries are always awesome.

Thanks so much for the kind words. And thank you to @johnpollock and @WH_PARK for the opportunity to participate. I love POST Wrestling and appreciate what you all do.


Chris Maffei and it’s not even close. The Chris and Dasha song reminds me of their entry for Rewind a Dynamite.

I prefer Chris and Dasha. It is nice to hear an actual pleasant singing voice. Reminds me of the way people used to sing. Now a days most women in mainstream music sound so annoying. They all sound the same. The same goes for men.

I also wanted to say that this last show was so good. WH Park was very honest about everything which is refreshing to hear. John even made a joke about it. Too many podcasts I listen to hold back and sugar coat things. They are too worried about offending someone.