(POLL) Team Name of Peyton Royce and Billy Kay Should Be Spelled:

  • IIconics
  • Iconics
  • Iconic
  • EyeKhanHicks

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A win for basic grammar and spelling. Yes!

No wrong answers here @faultyrob ! Just curious what other would pick.

I did a little research and apparently Iconic Duo was already trademarked. Heck, there’s even a clothing site with that name. Maybe Iconic and Iconics lost out under a trademark situation also.

I know it’s two capital-i’s, but it looks like capital-i followed by lowercase-L similar to the Iliad.


After some research, the word iconic is trademark in the U.S and I found out that some software company called iconics exist and probably trademarked their company name even through it’s not in the u.s. database. So I guessing that’s why they had to write their team name with 2 I.

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Our Icons showing where everyone voted are pretty EyeKonic (play on eye candy?).

Is “The Bar” not already trademarked outside of Sheamus/Cesaro? I just don’t recall tag team names being this complicated.

meetatthebar dot com has 6 Wisconsin locations of sports dining places called ‘The Bar’. (shows a copyright symbol next to it as well). I just signed us up for a Blind Dart Tournament next Saturday in Green Bay !! (huh, didn’t even know people threw darts blind)

I thought they axed the ‘Iconic Duo’ with thoughts that 'Mella or others would be joining the sorority at some point to make the Duo part moot, but can’t say I’m too familiar with the copyright rules and such. Looks like they were ‘blocked’ at a few points here.

I was interested to hear what name others liked here, but I also wanted to see how these polls on the forum would display the ‘who voted for who’. Looks cool with the Icons.