POLL: What should we review on Rewind-A-Wai #32?

Our Executive Producer @Chad_Olsen is looking for some help to decide what show we should review for our next edition of Rewind-A-Wai.

Since it’s Mania season, we thought we’d offer a selection of WrestleManias we haven’t done before:

  • WrestleMania 2 (Hogan vs. Bundy)
  • WrestleMania VI (Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior)
  • WrestleMania XI (Lawrence Taylor vs. Bam Bam Bigelow)
  • WrestleMania XXVI (Shawn vs. Taker 2 – Streak vs. Career)

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UPDATE: Due to my upcoming travels, we’ve had to push this recording date early. Therefore, we’ll be closing this poll at the end of Monday, March 4th with the winning choice announced on that evening’s Rewind-A-Raw.

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I think we need to hear 6. I really want John to dig into Roddy’s half black face! :smiley:

As a Connecticut boy, I have to vote for Wrestlemania XI. Unless business changes dramatically, Hartford will always be the most random city to ever host The Showcase of the Immortals*.

* Unless you get super-specific with your geography about Paradise vs. Las Vegas, Rosemont vs. Chicago, etc.

I personally voted for two because that’s when I started watching and the Hogan/Bundy cage match is one of the first big matches I remember. But I would be happy with any of them except for 26 as i’d like to see a different era covered as I feel like the 2010s have been chosen a lot recently.


Personal opinion, I’d like to see a break from the 2000s altogether. Makes me feel 100 years old when someone picks the “first PPV they ever saw” and it’s from during the first brand split.

(Hopefully it goes without saying that I’m glad the folks who pay for it get to pick whatever show they want, just an opinion above)


I agree. I wish there were more WCW reviews personally. Those are always my favorites.

I picked 11 as it was a time that Wai really enjoyed wrestling and for the longest time he believed they had reviewed it so thought it was worth finally reviewing. But if I can’t hear 11, I’d be happy with 6.
I also agree that it feels like the show has been floating around the 2010’s lately but I can understand why since it is the fans choices and they have their reasons.

I voted Wrestlemania 2. You guys don’t normally review shows from the '80s, so wanted to go outside the box. It looks like it’s definitely not going to win though.

Glad I’m not the only one here who is tired of the 2010’s shows.

I agree that the 2010s have been overly covered recently, and the 2000s in general. Doing a Review-a-Wai of a show that was just 3 or 4 years ago seems like a waste to me, not as interesting usually.

You guys do a great job always though, so even when the subject matter might not be my preference, it’s still a great listen.

I would suggest though, changing the trivia stuff at the end. It’s basically impossible now-- no one can randomly name the number one movie of a random week without just dumb luck. Maybe turn it into a multiple choice question instead?

I personally like the random guesses to see what’s lasting from the eras in people’s minds. The goal isn’t really to get the answers right.

Appreciate the feedback on the choices – looking forward to see which wins.


That’s a good point.

Regarding the poll, let’s go Wrestlemania 2 !

Everything is subjective, but really wished the 2000’s wasn’t complained about as much. I think some are getting tired of it because it’s shows that @wai0937 @johnpollock reviewed in the past and being talked about again with a fresh perspective than before. I think if it were newer shows from the 2000’s that haven’t been reviewed it would be a different reaction. I’ve enjoyed the 2013 reviews because it feels like a really different era than today’s. Maybe not a different era but certainly a different mindset that the company had

Just an update – due to my upcoming travels, we’ve had to push this recording date early. Therefore, we’ll be closing this poll at the end of Monday March 4th, with the winning choice announced on Rewind-A-Raw that evening.

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I get nostalgia, but people are sleeping on Taker/Shawn 2. There’s also a part of me that wants to know if John would get annoyed with the Kevin Rudolf theme song that’s played through the whole show. Hoping for the comeback the same way I did in 2016 when people voted for Superbrawl 2000 over No Way Out 2002 when it was neck and neck.


Been hoping for mania 2 for years. No love for this show

All of us non-2010s folks should have teamed up instead of “Jill Stein-ing” ourselves out of the running. Looking forward to the review nonetheless.Who doesn’t love a good ShoMiz match?

These 2000-2016 fans are getting ridiculous.

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2000-2016 is probably about half the famous accessible ppvs available to people. As far as I’m concerned, people should be able to pick what they want, the espresso tier isn’t cheap, and I’ve not heard a review so far that I’ve not enjoyed.

It’s a shame you can’t change your selection. I voted for XXVI by mistake, i’d prefer VI or even XI.