POLL: What should we review on Rewind-A-Wai #64?

Our Executive Producer @Chad_Olsen is looking for some help to decide what show we should review for our next edition of Rewind-A-Wai.

Following the recent revival of In Your House, John and I have chosen a selection of IYH specials:

  • In Your House 1 (5/14/95) – Diesel vs. Sycho Sid
  • In Your House 2 (7/23/95) – Diesel vs. Sycho Sid (Lumberjack Match)
  • Ground Zero: In Your House (9/7/97) – The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels
  • Breakdown: In Your House (9/27/98) – Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker vs. Kane

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Poll closes Friday 10pm ET.

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Definitely Ground Zero.

The first three hour IYH - making way for monthly 3-hour shows, and a move away form the initial IYH concept.

Plus, this is a show that really keeps the 97 momentum going. Taker / Shawn, Hart Foundation, early DX, Austin stunner segment.

Went with diesel & said in the lumberjack match. 10-year-old me thought that was gonna be the biggest match of all time. I was stupid.

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I’ve gone for the first show, a fantastic Bret vs Hakushi match to start of the show.

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Ground zero was the first review they did. I’d like to go back and compare their thoughts then and now


Honored that you took my suggestions; Wai… hard to choose, but I think I would have to go and pick Ground Zero simply for Nostalgia factor; it’s the birth of the Scott Putski Award, you guys coming up with the original show name and your original review clocked in just over 30 minutes! Can’t wait for Jesse from the 6 to go and dissect that one as I recently listened back and it was great!


BREAKDOWN! The first episode of Rewind-A-Wai that never was.


If I could try to sway the votes, they’ve done the Ground Zero review a bunch of times already, haha.

I voted for BREAKDOWN! Only because it has Owen Hart vs Edge where Owen wore an Argo’s jersey for the cheap, yet funny heat.

So it’s Ground Zero then

When was the second time?

You guys should do Bad Blood 1997

I thought it was an anniversary show but I actually maybe totally wrong. I could have swore you did it a second time.

So after actually doing some digging, I think I’m wrong. It doesn’t come up at all so I’m not sure where I got that from.

I also have a memory of them doing it twice. After doing my own research, I can all but confirm they haven’t. Maybe this is some sort of Mandela Effect.

Under the old Review-A-Wai branding they re-reviewed Heroes of Wrestling for their seventh anniversary in 2017 and WrestleMania X-7 in 2018. I can’t imagine why they would have re-reviewed Ground Zero for a non-anniversary show.


Congrats to Ground Zero, but looks like we might get Breakdown down the line as well because an Espresso Executive Producer teased possibly choosing it as his pick! “The Most Elusive Rewind-A-Wai Ever: The Review That Never Was”, let’s get the marketing started!

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