(POLL) Your 3 favorite matches of Wrestlemania 34

  • Andre the Giant Battle Royal
  • Cruiserweight Championship (Alexander vs Ali)
  • Women’s Battle Royal
  • Intercontinental Championship (Rollins, Miz, Balor)
  • Smackdown Women’s Championship (Asuka vs Charlotte)
  • U.S. Championship (Rusev, Mahal, Orton, Roode)
  • Mixed Tag Match (HHH/Steph vs Angle/Rousey)
  • Smackdown Tag Team Championship (Usos, New Day, Bludgeon Bros)
  • Singles Match (Cena vs Undertaker)
  • Smackdown Tag Team Match (Shane/Bryan vs Owens/Zayn)
  • Raw Women’s Championship (Bliss vs Jax)
  • WWE Championship (Styles vs Nakamura)
  • Raw Tag Team Championship (Strowman/Nicholas vs Sheamus/Cesaro)
  • Universal Championship (Lesnar vs Reigns)

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Starting to see some clear cut favorites here. Jump on in if you’d like to vote.

Oh man. This mania must have sucked. I really struggled to pick a third match.

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was just too long…the first 3 hours of Mania was “omg top Mania’s ever”…then people got burned out.

I personally would enjoyed the mainevent if the crowd weren’t trying to sabotage it before they even locked up.

It was a fight, hard hitting and if they both had foreign names would’ve been given a chance.

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The WWE is a band that released a double album but only had enough good songs for one.