(POLL) Your 3 least favorite matches of Wrestlemania 34

  • Andre the Giant Battle Royal
  • Cruiserweight Championship (Alexander vs Ali)
  • Women’s Battle Royal
  • Intercontinental Championship (Rollins, Miz, Balor)
  • Smackdown Women’s Championship (Asuka vs Charlotte)
  • U.S. Championship (Rusev, Mahal, Orton, Roode)
  • Mixed Tag Match (HHH/Steph vs Angle/Rousey)
  • Smackdown Tag Team Championship (Usos, New Day, Bludgeon Bros)
  • Singles Match (Cena vs Undertaker)
  • Smackdown Tag Team Match (Shane/Bryan vs Owens/Zayn)
  • Raw Women’s Championship (Bliss vs Jax)
  • WWE Championship (Styles vs Nakamura)
  • Raw Tag Team Championship (Strowman/Nicholas vs Sheamus/Cesaro)
  • Universal Championship (Lesnar vs Reigns)

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Interesting. Quite a bit split. Hop on in if you’d like.

The Raw Tag Title match wins by a country mile as least favorite for me. Having a random 10 year old win the title is Gooker Award winner worthy and 2000 WCW-esque (Judy Bagwell, anyone?). Undertaker/Cena was also disappointing. Third least favorite was the US Title, but wasn’t expecting much out of it anyway.

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Uh, 100% agree. I could write a novel about it, but I’ll refrain from the time being :wink:

I also did put Taker/Cena in my bottom 3. 2:45 for the time. Ziggler would have been much better for this whole thing if it unfolded this way. I did enjoy the ‘build’ for its uniqueness and kudos for John for hanging out there for several matches and have no problem with other people just wanting to see Taker do a couple of things.

I easily could have put the US Title 3rd lowest and we would have had the same 3, but I put the Women’s Battle Royal just below it. I would have made Sasha/Bayley way more of the focus (at the end). If you’re gonna do the stupid ‘I went through the middle rope and I’ll just sit out here for 83 minutes thing’ that should have been Sasha. We need a 10 count for battle royals. You go under the top rope, after 10 seconds you’re DQ’d (or could just throw them back in). Might as well walk to the back and get a sandwich if you can just hang outside the ring. I did like the NXT 6 lady squad and it did take me awhile to see that it was 6 of them and who they were, but that’s my point here. Just announce everyone in like a single file line walking to the ring so everyone can get a little taste of the new people and put each ladies name on the big screen. Heck, on the screen at home, I should be seeing all 20 names on the right and just black them out when they’re eliminated. Now if Naomi carries the trophy around for awhile, I’m totally down with that.

Had to put both battle royals in.

Meaningless matches and I just think battle royals are boring as fuck.

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Bryan’s return was lackluster and boring.