Pollock & Ting: TALK (Vol. 2)

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John Pollock and Wai Ting return for the second instalment of Pollock & Ting: TALK. Wai welcomes a special guest to discuss his wedding; John shares details about the making of “POST Profile: Who is Wai Ting?”.

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Another great episode. Loved the Apple rant from John, it’s been a while since we last got a good one.

Again it was a please to help John with the old audio clips. The doc turned out great. Just as a side note, John didn’t know how I found everything and thought I might have had everything already saved. I did not. But what I did have was a excel spreadsheet with quotes I have written down that I used for when I started my twitter account. So I just searched for Wai quotes that I thought would be good. I’m not like John and have a crazy recall ability (his date recall), I just hear something funny on the show and write it down.


They have an epic friendship
And we are all the nosy kids that want in the club lol


As someone who cannot get enough of Pollock and Ting talking, this was a real treat for me.