Pollock & Ting: TALK (Vol. 3)

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2021/11/23/pollock-ting-talk-vol-3/

John Pollock and Wai Ting return for the third instalment of Pollock & Ting: TALK, recorded in-person for the first time at Wai’s house.

They discuss the ongoing challenges of juggling their busy work schedules with their personal lives, assess their new daily podcast experiment, announce some upcoming changes to POST, and discuss the long-awaited results from POST Patron Survey 2021.

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Great (and different) addition to the catalogue of Patreon shows as always.

Some thoughts on topics raised:

  1. Ads have become so normalized among podcasts that unless it becomes a Conrad situation, I don’t think anyone will mind at all. More revenue for the network’s hard work is always welcome.

  2. I like the the daily news updates, but hearing Wai’s experience (even if it ends up being reflective only of initial issues) was a bummer. I’d say maintain whatever model gives you guys the best work/life balance, even if that ends up being a fluid model.

  3. I both love Rewind-A-Wai and totally understand how labor intensive it is. That said, I feel that it is an example of an evergreen show that the Patreon offers- I’ve just started re-listening to some early episodes for instance. Short of maybe making it every other month, or maybe limiting it to themes (e.g. you know you’re going to offer only Starrcade for 3 months, or you do only tv episodes/specials for six months to cut down on show length) but hoping that the show doesn’t go away completely.


I love all your shows, but this may have been a top 3 show you guys have done, for me. I loved the different variety of discussions here.

I hope Rewind-A-Wai doesnt go away. My only negative on the show, is when some people pick fairly recent shows to review. but it is their money to choose what they want. I love hearing you guys review WCW events.