Pollock & Ting: TALK (Vol. 5)

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In the fifth instalment of Pollock & Ting: TALK, John Pollock & Wai Ting meet virtually (and spiritually) as they catch up on recent and upcoming changes/events in their personal and professional lives.

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Strong episode as ways for Talk. Congratulations Wai!

Btw, if i ever wanted to start a wh park parody account, i think “i knew about a pregancy before it was mainstream” would be the jumping off point :smiley:


Congrats @wai0937

If its a boy, name him Wardlow, so the future of Post Wrestling can be Max & Wardlow.


Congratulations @wai0937!

My main points of advice to expectant parents is… (from my whopping experience of two kids and six years of parenting so far)…

  • First and foremost… don’t listen to advice, as every child is different. Don’t take anything to heart too much from others suggesting it. Find what works for you.

  • Nothing lasts forever. Every phase feels like it lasts forever when you’re in the moment, but things generally pass within a week or two. The Longest Shortest Time.

  • You and your wife are on the same team. You’ll see each other at your worst and most exhausted moments. Remember you’re in it together, and on the same team.

Congratulations. Enjoy every moment.


Congratulations Wai!

No better subject to TALK about.