POLLOCK'S MLW REPORT: Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Timothy Thatcher

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The show kicked off with a recap of last week’s episode where Salina de la Renta assisted in Bestia 666’s victory over Mance Warner and the brawl between the Von Erichs & Tom Lawlor with Contra Unit.

This week’s show features Rich Bocchini and Tony Schiavone on commentary from the recent tapings at the Melrose Ballroom.


There was a highlight reel of Low Ki’s recent wins by TKO, which is the style they’ve presented him in with fast stoppage wins.

Low Ki landed a right kick to the face and knocked out Yuta immediately.

WINNER: Low Ki at 0:30

Low Ki cut a promo backstage stating “right leg to the hospital, left leg to the grave”, which is a play off of Mirko Cro Cop’s famous line.

They are promoting their card for September 6th in Dallas built around their “War Chamber” match with Contra Unit and a fourth partner against Tom Lawlor, The Von Erich, and their mystery partner. The War Chamber match is MLW’s rebranded version of War Games.

Konnan was shown speaking with Salina de la Renta and Jimmy Havoc in the back. Konnan demanded a match between Havoc and L.A. Park and will have two more demands. Konnan has information on Salina and is holding it over her head.

The Dynasty (MJF, Alex Hammerstone, Richard Holliday, and Ariya Blake) were outside a Porshe dealership and joked about Teddy Hart failing a Wellness test, which scared Hammerstone and he asked what a Wellness Policy was with the others assuring him they would get him a clean urine test. Then, they immediately announced Hammerstone is going to NOAH for the N-1 Victory tournament, so I guess they can deal with his testing procedures.

Kenn Doane and Mike Mondo of The Spirit Squad came to the ring. Doane ran down all the New York sports teams and said MLW’s tag division sucks. They were stopped by Marshall & Ross Von Erich and they went into the match.


The Von Erichs landed dropkicks and called for The Claw as The Spirit Squad bailed to the floor. Marshall dropkicked Mondo off the turnbuckle to the floor and landed a top rope moonsault onto Doane. Marshall applied The Claw onto Doane into an assisted slam with Ross and Marshall covered Doane.

WINNERS: The Von Erichs at 1:56

The presentation of the Von Erichs is different from everyone else with their music blaring throughout the body of the match and keeping the matches ultra-quick with The Claw sold as a devastating finisher.

Contra Unit ran down and they fought the Von Erichs.

A new member of Contra Unit revealed himself and sprayed mist into the eyes of Marshall Von Erich and he was blinded. They previously mentioned he was expecting a child and Schiavone said he may be unable to see his baby after being blinded by the mist.


This was a match from the Cicero Stadium tapings, which they explained was airing because the prior two matches went so quickly. The match featured Bocchinio and Jim Cornette on commentary.

Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver were shown picketing in the crowd.

Zenshi balanced himself on the edge of the apron before delivering a ‘rana to Loco on the floor.

Zenshi hit a 450 splash from the bottom rope for a two-count. He attempted a handspring off the ropes, was caught and hit with a tombstone and Gringo Loco won.

WINNER: Gringo Loco at 3:35

It was another very short match that featured more of Zenshi’s acrobatics than anything else before the finish.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. cut a promo ahead of his match with Timothy Thatcher. The interviewer, Kaci Lennox, tried to get his reaction to the video of his rival Alex Hammerstone being seen with his sister Georgia but he wouldn’t comment on the video. Brian Pillman Jr. walked in, ended the interview and left with Lennox.


The match began and immediately was a different flavor than is typical with a grappling heavy influence given their respective styles.

Thatcher took control of the leg and applied a half-crab and then a heel hook in the center. The audience had dueling chants back-and-forth. Smith worked his way back to his feet and went for a flying armbar, but was turned into an ankle lock by Thatcher, returning to the body part he had been working on. Smith countered out of the hold to apply a sharpshooter and Thatcher immediately grabbed the rope.

They returned to their feet and began a striking exchange with forearms, kicks, and slaps. Smith hit a series of German suplexes, trapped the arms from behind and hit a Tiger suplex for a two-count with a great bridge from Smith.

Thatcher rolled into an armbar, which he locked in and Smith scrambled and was nearly caught in a triangle. Smith powerbombed out and applied a crossface for the tap.

WINNER: Davey Boy Smith Jr. at 14:46

The audience seemed to get into the match and chanted for Davey afterward. I liked the change of pace as this was closer to something from UWFi or more recently that worked so well at Bloodsport.

If you’re not into the heavy grappling style then this wouldn’t your cup of tea, but these two did a very good with it and it’s a style that separates Smith from the rest of the roster and Thatcher was the perfect opponent to get it over.

After the match, Smith challenged Alex Hammerstone, said he is playing “mind games” by trying to get with Georgia, and it’s only a matter of time before he gets him in the ring and uses the crossface chicken wing. He ended it by telling Georgia, “No, I won’t be light on your boyfriend”.


The highlight to check out would include the main event, but mainly if you’re a fan of that style or else it won’t work for you.

The other major segment was the attack by Contra Unit with the reveal of a new member and blinding Marshall Von Erich.

The rest of the show was not that substantive with quick matches and a throwaway match from the Cicero Stadium show to fill time. Although, I liked the attention to detail that they needed to throw to something because the matches can end at any time and added a realistic feel, such as UFC fights going quick and airing a fight from the prelims.

Overall, a decent episode that sways up or down based on your opinion of the main event.

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Just watched the episode on YouTube as I wasn’t able to record it for some reason. Main event was right up my alley and would have fit in well on the Bloodsport show in which both Smith and Thatcher took part. Dynasty promo segments, especially with MJF while he’s still here, remain a highlight to me.