POLLOCK'S NEWS UPDATE 1/7 - Enzo Cleared, Defending Title on Raw in Memphis

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**POST Wrestling’s “Worst of 2017 Show” is now available with Wai Ting and I joined by Jason Agnew and Dan “The Mouth” Lovranski. The show can be downloaded at https://www.postwrestling.com/2018/01/06/the-worst-of-2017-show/ and also available through iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and the TuneIn Radio app. The following categories are covered by the panel:

WORST EVENT (wrestling)

**As we announced on the POST Wrestling Christmas Show, Wai and I will be hosting the live podcast panel at WaleMania IV over WrestleMania Week in New Orleans. The annual event takes place on Thursday, April 5th at Republic NOLA with ticket information at www.walemania.com. We hope to see many of your there.

**I wanted to let everyone know that Dan “The Mouth” Lovranski has launched his own YouTube series entitled “Slipped Through the Cracks” where he reviews forgotten vinyl releases from his enormous collection. You can watch the first five episodes and subscribe to the channel at this link.

**Wai Ting and I will be back on Monday night with a new edition of Rewind-A-Raw.


**Enzo was recently cleared by the WWE to return to the ring and worked the Raw house shows events this weekend. It has been announced that the Cruiserweight title match with Enzo defending against Cedric Alexander will take place on Monday’s episode of Raw from Memphis, Tennessee. For those curious, the #1 contender’s tournament that Alexander ultimately won to get this shot began all the way back on November 27th.

**Following the New Year’s Dash event on Friday at Korakuen Hall, it was revealed at the post-show press conference that Jay White was joining the CHAOS faction. White joined the group but stated that he would eventually be coming for CHAOS leader Kazuchika Okada. White will be programmed with Kenny Omega for the immediate future and will likely take place on one of the three upcoming New Beginning shows.

**Regarding Chris Jericho and the eventual match with Tetsuya Naito, FOZZY has a big tour coming up that begins January 28th and will be going until the end of April. While there isn’t a show scheduled for February 10th (the date of New Beginning in Osaka), it seems highly unlikely that the match could take place that early. It could very well be a match that is built to for a bigger show such as Dominion in June.

**The Raw crew has a house show today in White Plains, New York with Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe and Seth Rollins advertised as the top talent. The SmackDown crew is in Mobile, Alabama with a “Mobile Street Fight” advertised between A.J. Styles and Jinder Mahal for the WWE title.

Monday’s episode of Raw takes place from the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee with Brock Lesnar scheduled for the show. The SmackDown crew has a small house show in Montgomery, Alabama on Monday and the television tapings are in Birmingham on Tuesday night.

**The WWE Network’s “Straight to the Source” show hosted by Corey Graves will feature Enzo as this week’s guest and it will premiere on Monday night following Raw.

**Enzo also did an interview with The Sun in the U.K and spoke at length about Neville and his ongoing hiatus from the WWE. Enzo said that he hopes the WWE can resolve their issues with Neville and bring him back as he felt Neville is one of the best performers they have and worked the toughest schedule (Friday – Tuesday with the closing spot on 205 Live).

**This past Thursday’s edition of Impact Wrestling saw the show do a strong average of 309,000 viewers on POP TV. The last three weeks have seen an increase in viewership that has a large part to do with the lack of NFL competition on Thursday nights with the conclusion of the regular season. This was Impact’s highest number on POP since August 17th of last year, which was the Destination X special.

**Impact Wrestling returns to Orlando, Florida this Wednesday for five consecutive nights of television tapings. This will be the first set of tapings under the new regime of Scott D’Amore and Don Callis as the Executive Vice Presidents of the company. There are several big contracts coming due over the next few months including Bobby Lashley, Eddie Edwards and Ethan Carter III and their treatment at the tapings will be watched closely. Impact and MLW will also be going head-to-head in Orlando on Thursday night with MLW running a loaded card 25 minutes away from Universal Studios.

**Congratulations to former WWE and TNA talent Christy Hemme, who just gave birth to quadruplets. Hemme had three boys and one girl and all are healthy.

**At the closing of trading on Friday, the WWE stock stood at $31.05.

FORUM QUESTION (Reply in the comments section):

With this week’s episode of Impact being the first under the regime of Scott D’Amore and Don Callis, how is this going to affect your viewing?

Are you a regular viewer of Impact and will continue as usual? Have you stopped watching but will check out this week’s episode? Have you dropped Impact altogether?

I’m also curious how people are keeping up with the Impact product and how many of you have access to POP TV / Fight Network / Spike U.K. / Sony Six in India?


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I’ll probably give this week’s episode a look on Spike UK (it’s a very easy channel to access and is available to virtually everyone across the country) The last time I properly watched anything of Impact was over a year ago and that was only due to the Broken Hardys. My expectations are very low and I’d rather the money Spike pay Impact were to go to show a UK promotion but we’ll give it a go

Haven’t watched an episode of Impact in years. Callis and D’Amore certainly aren’t going to change that.

I’ve always been a viewer of TNA/Impact since 2002, so it won’t effect my viewing. In the US, so I get Impact currently on Pop through Dish Network. I am encouraged to possibly see some stability come to the company with the new regime.

I live in the UK so I have easy access to Impact programming. However, nothing about the show intices me to watch seeing as there is so much competition out there offering a more consistent, quality product. This especially rings true seeing as most of the roster I would actually watch Impact for also appear regularly in other promotions that I stay in the loop with (e.g Beyond, PWG & AAW).

I’ll watch as i usually do, a couple of days after it airs. Maybe with a last scrap of optimism.

The addition of Don Callis makes 2018 for Impact interesting for me.

I think they’ll be stripped down. I also think they NEED a Canadian star. Not sure who.

I watch Thursday’s on Fight Network. But mu interest has been low. 2018 will be very interesting. …

I haven’t watched a new Impact full episode in years. I tried but I don’t have enough time to dedicate to WWE TV let alone others that were awful. I do set my DVR to record it weekly in case someone says there is something must see but I usually read the description and then delete. I did listen to your Impact review shows to see what, if anything, I was missing but even at the peak of Broken Hardy I was just finding those clips on YouTube (which were in HD on there) instead of awful Directv SD version of POP. If repeated good things were to come out I would be willing to check it out again.

I have no idea whether TNA is even runnning in Germany. So this might give you a clue that I’m not a TNA watcher, but maybe I’ll watch the first episode since I do believe that Don Callis can increase the product. Whether this turns into tv-ratings/buyrates is a different story.

Impact is so far down in my viewing priority, and as much as I want to support some of the talent and Cyrus, I cannot bring myself to support that Owl. As Reby would say, Eff that🦉!

I’ve been on and off with Impact since 2010. Checking it out whenever someone new takes over creative. I might check it out on The Fight Network.

A: I’m still not going to watch, but if I hear good things I’ll probably end up watching it after the fact. I don’t have a particular grudge against Impact and I’d genuinely like to see them do better - but a slapdash show from six different locations (an exaggeration, I know) with minimal story (or story I miss because I can’t follow all the different promotions) is not how it’s going to do it. I don’t know that this is still the format, but until I hear something different, I’m presuming that’s the format and I’m not going to bother.

B: I watched Slammiversary and loved it. I watched BFG and was somewhat bored by it. I’ll probably watch the next big show but nothing until then.

C: Last time I tried to watch Impact as a weekly show it was through the Android app they have. It worked really well for me on my android box, but it wasn’t compelling enough to keep watching - even though it was free. I might watch it on the Fight Network as I have a roku device and can subscribe to it, but it’s literally the only thing even close to worth it on a Canadian roku so what’s the point in having that extra device attached to my TV.

I’m going to give Impact a shot this week. I haven’t watched it since 2005 and wasn’t really a fan then. Watching it online because who the fuck has that channel?

I haven’t been keeping up with Impact at all for years but I may check out the first episode of this new regime. I’m not sure what their identity or style has been for the past year since the Hardys left.

I’ll take a look at this episode, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll stick with it…

Gave up on TNA long time ago. I do have Pop TV. wouldn’t watch TNA under any circumstance. They don’t deserve to be in business.

Glad to hear Mouth is working on something new. As a vinyl collector myself I will definitely be checking this out. As far as impact is concerned I started watching back when it was weekly PPVs and fell off around 2007. I tried picking it back up right around the Claire Lynch stuff and stopped for obvious reasons. Barring a random match here and there I haven’t gone back.

Do not watch impact watch a little then they canceled the other show and I went back to ignoring them as they ignored the will of the people

I gave up on Impact a couple years ago. I still read news about them, but honestly after all the BS with Anthem and cancelling the LAW, I can’t support that product.

I’m going to check out Impact and hold it up to high standards since Don Callis is such a booking expert on his podcast.