POLLOCK'S NEWS UPDATE: Becky Lynch off Survivor Series, per report

They can build off this start later on I feel. It sucks that Becky is hurt but it does give WWE a chance to tell a longer story. As we’ve seen, they did a great job in this short amount of time. With more time it’ll be a better story. It is a shame though that Charlotte/Rousey is just being thrown out there.

The fun thing with this injury is that you just made 2 ronda feud interesting in with one incident. First the Ronda vs Becky feud will be even more interesting when becky is cleared to come back and this could lead to a mania match if build properly because now fans really want to see this match.

secondly, Nia will benefit from this going forward as well because they can use the fact that she took out Becky in her promo’s to make her a bigger heel and make fans believe that she actually got a shot at beating Ronda for the title at TLC. So they really can spin that into making Nia the number heel on the raw women’s division.