Even if they ARE innocent, seeking therapy isn’t the worst idea for people in this business. One could argue that a dedicated staff psychiatrist or chaplain could be a big asset to the company. :100:


I’m just going to sit back, reserve judgment & wait till all the details come out.


Totally disagree about Tyson. He served three years and his incident occurred almost 30 years ago. All indications are he’s a changed person

I don’t believe Tyson was guilty so I don’t know what to tell you on that one.

Totally disagree with what?

So if WWE hired him right now, you wouldn’t be jumping down their throats?

No. They used him in 98 and 2010. The guy did his time bottom line

I think its a bad look for a company that pretends to be progressive.

Them saying that there’s no way back and he has to stay the person he was so we can continue looking down on him would be viewed as less progressive I think. Especially because he’s widely been forgiven by society. Maybe not by SJWs… tweets from the past are things you can’t redeem yourself from for some of them.

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Why should be a problem for a person that actually served time for what he did? Are you saying every person that has been convicted and served time for whatever should not be given any second chance whatsoever, after his sentence is done? Those people should be ostracized from society and live… what life exactly?

I’m not mad at Mike or AEW bringing him in.

I think there’s a difference between someone who served their time AND worked to become a better person/contributing member of society, and someone who is unrepentant about the harm they’ve caused to others. :100:


I’m not sure how I feel about AEW bringing in Tyson. On one hand, I do believe that when a criminal is sentenced and they serve their time, if they come out a better person society should give them a second chance. With that said, their are certain crimes I have a hard time with, rape being one of them. I would have to guess that most people would have a very hard time accepting this if Desiree Washington (Tyson’s rape victim) was their sister or daughter, she was just 18 at the time.

Another gripe I have is with AEW, or maybe the perception by fans of AEW. AEW pretends to be this progressive company and for whatever reason fans believe it and just seem to give them a pass on things like this, while when WWE does anything controversial, its pure outrage. For example, look at the #SpeakingOut movement, if you look at a lot of these threads, even though only like 3 of the 95 names were WWE guys, some posters immediately pointed the finger at WWE and didnt say a word about AEW (or praised them). Now don’t get me wrong, I’m by no means saying that WWE should get a pass for anything, and I’m hardly defending them, my gripe is more so about AEW just blindly getting a pass.

Ill give you another example, I constantly hear people critisize WWE because of their association with the Trump campaign (which they did bring on themselves), while nobody every talks about the fact that Shahid Khan is a Trump donor. (I’ll even post a link so people don’t think I’m making stuff up).


I’m just sick of the hypocrisy.


There’s a huge difference between donating money and actually working on the Trump team like Linda is.

She also had the gall to tweet out last week how great Trump has been for the economy and job creation (despite her company cutting tons of jobs they didn’t have to).

Bad comparison. Khan also bashed Trump for the travel ban. You would never see a McMahon say anything negative about Trump - he’s a HOFer for god sake :laughing:

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Well, isn’t it actually progressive to give people second chance (especially when they had their punishment), rather than segregate them even further from society? Cause as far as I know, people are usually scared giving convicted criminals jobs.

Speaking for myself: I tend to give AEW a “blind eye” for some stuff because of the way they treat their fans, compared to the WWE, where the directive is “We are going against those pesky fans, pal, they don’t know what they want!”, with rare bursts of light here and there (Bryan and Kofi, although the way those ended were nothing less than obnoxious). Customer service IS king. :slight_smile:

I think your post is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Despite both of them being Trump supporters, you’re looking for ways to defend Khan while criticizing the McMahon’s.

Sure, it appears the McMahon’s are closer to Trump then the Khan family, but don’t kid yourself, they both support him, all I’m asking is for people to keep it consistent.

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What’s your point? What khan did was stupid but it’s not even comparable to what Linda and the McMahons have done by working directly and influencing policy. Not sure what you’re trying to prove. Like I said, it’s a weak comparison

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Just take a look at Linda’s twitter account - it’s non stop praise of Trump.


And she said that shortly after cutting a ton of talent

Oh I totally get it when it comes to booking, AEW definitely seems to book (the mens division at least) towards the appetite of the hardcore fans. No argument from me there. WWE can be extremely frustrating.

As for your first question, I have a feeling it would be split. I’m sure some would say that bringing in a convicted rapist just adds to the acceptance of rape culture, I’m sure others would say that reform is important and that he deserves a second chance. Like I said, I’m split on it. If he was convicted for robbery, burglary, assault etc. I would 100% be fine with it. Rape of an 18 year old, that’s a tough one for me.

You realize I’m not defending Linda, right? I’m pointing out hypocrisy.

You were whining about how AEW doesn’t get enough criticism or something. I pointed out why WWE deservedly gets more. They are part of the problem