POLLOCK'S REVIEW: Lucha Underground 10/3/18 - Marty the Moth defends title against Mariposa

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LUCHA UNDERGROUND (Oct. 3rd) “The Moth and The Butterfly”

RESULTS: Paul London, White Rabbit & El Bunny over Joey Ryan, Ivelisse & Xo Lishus, Son of Havoc over Killshot, Marty the Moth Martinez over Mariposa to retain the Lucha Underground title

-They announced on the show that Ultima Lucha Cuatro will be a two-part special on October 31st and November 7th with the following matches announced: Marty the Moth Martinez vs. Pentagon Dark in a Cero Miedo match for the Lucha Underground title, The Mack vs. Mil Muertes in a Death Match, El Dragon Azteca, Jr. vs. Fenix in a 2/3 Falls match, Killshot vs. Son of Havoc in a Mask vs. Mask match.

-This week’s episode was headlined by Marty the Moth’s first title defense and it was against his sister, Mariposa. Marty came out with Chelsea Green, who is going by the name “Reklusa”, and cut a promo challenging his sister to a match. During the promo, they pulled out Sexy Star’s mask and the story is that after Sexy Star embarrassed his family, Reklusa went and “took care of her” and that’s why Sexy Star is gone.

-The match was violent, and I can see people being turned off by it. The beginning saw Marty relentlessly attacking and beating her, sending her head first into the desk and she began bleeding onto the floor. This set up Mariposa’s comeback that included a long sequence of chair shots with Marty buried underneath them as Mariposa didn’t let up with chair shots. After several near falls by Mariposa, Marty kicked her low and hit the Penta Driver as a message to Pentagon Dark and pinned her. After the match, he said he had a message for Pentagon Dark and snapped Mariposa’s arm before Pentagon ran down with a chair to chase him away.

-Marty doesn’t click with me as the top heel as he’s always been the offbeat character, who they are now heavily focusing upon. Green was very good in her role as his valet and it did add to the presentation of Marty.

-Son of Havoc defeated Killshot in a short match after escaping an armbar and getting on top while hooking the leg for the out-of-nowhere pinfall. Killshot tore off Son of Havoc’s mask, which was revenge for Son of Havoc doing the same to him previously. Antonio Cueto came to make the match for Ultima Lucha with their masks at stake.

-The Trios match was designed to get White Rabbit’s new finish over where he places a white glove onto his hand and applies the mandible claw. Joey Ryan sold the move as crippling and began convulsing as the referee called for the stoppage. White Rabbit, who is Killer Kross, has a great presence and is a good promo as well and I thought the set up to the finish with the glove was done well.

-Melissa Santos met with Aerostar, who told Santos that Catrina’s evil spirit has infected Fenix and that’s why he is not the same. Aerostar said he cannot be saved. I have a hunch there is a way.

-This show felt like the official start to their promotion of Ultima Lucha so the series has a destination point, which typically helps. If you’re enjoying Marty the Moth Martinez in a top role then you probably enjoyed the show, if not, it was an average show that was merely putting the pieces in place to peak at Ultima Lucha. This show didn’t have the killer match, although the main event was designed to be that but wasn’t my cup of tea.

I preferred when Melissa was a cheerleader in shimmer. If I could choose one wrestler in the world to go to NXT, it would be her.