POLLOCK'S REVIEW: Ultima Lucha Part 1 with Son of Havoc vs. Killshot

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2018/11/01/pollocks-review-lucha-underground-ultima-lucha-pt-1-with-son-of-havoc-vs-killshot/

Ultima Lucha Part 1
Wednesday, October 31st

Jeremiah Snake, Kobra Moon & Daga over White Rabbit, Paul London & El Bunny and Ivelisse, Xo Lishus & Sammy Guevara to retain the Trios titles, Taya Mundo over Ricky Mundo, Son of Havoc over Killshot in the Mask vs. Mask match

-This was the first of two Ultima Lucha Cuatro specials with the season wrapping next week. The disappointing news was that the show only averaged 62,000 viewers on the El Rey Network and was the second lowest number of the season due to Halloween. Since September, the show has been averaging 79,000 viewers so even with Halloween it’s not like it was way off the recent numbers the show has produced.

-In the main event, Son of Havoc defeated Killshot and he was unmasked as Lieutenant Jermaine “Killshot” Strickland (Shane Strickland). He revealed that Dante Fox was right, and he did leave his team at war and has been hiding under a mask while battling with the regret of his decision.

-The match featured one crazy spot with Son of Havoc diving off the balcony with a splash putting Killshot through a table on the floor. The only complaint was there was a similar spot off the balcony in the opening match and they’ve taken a spectacular stunt and made it normal. Killshot brought a gurney into the ring and superplexed Son of Havoc off the top. Each kicked out of the other’s finisher and it ended with Killshot strapped to the gurney and Havoc hit a shooting star press onto him and pinned Killshot. I liked the match and the post-match was a nice send moment and they paid off the stipulation with the reveal of Strickland.

-After the match, Strickland was leaving the building and ran into Dante Fox in uniform. Strickland said he would never return to this building, asked for permission to leave and they saluted one another. This felt like the end of Strickland as a character as walked into the outside world to end the show.

-Taya defeated Ricky Mundo in a short match. Ricky tried to stab her with a pen and was stopped on the floor. They got into the ring and Taya won with the STF. She chokeslammed Ricky off the apron through a table for revenge after Ricky unleashed Matanza and ruined her wedding day. We also learned that Ricky’s doll’s name is “Rosa” and Taya took the doll after the match, so maybe there will be an Annabelle effect and Taya will become possessed next season.

-In the opening match of the show, Jeremiah Snake, Daga & Kobra Moon retained the Trios titles over The Rabbit Tribe of White Rabbit (Killer Kross on Impact), Paul London & El Bunny and Ivelisse, Xo Lishus & Sammy Guevera. Guevara had the major spot of the match taking Kobra Moon onto the balcony and delivering a Spanish Fly off the balcony to everyone on the floor, this was insane. White Rabbit used his glove on Guevara and sent him into the ring for London to finish him, but Guevara recovered and eliminated London with a roll up. It was down to the two teams and ended with Xo Lishus trying to fight the three champions and was submitted by Daga while Kobra Moon held onto Ivelisse. It was a decent match with Guevara standing out among the nine. White Rabbit / Killer Kross is a great character on Lucha Underground and Impact and plays his role effectively on both.

-Aerostar opened the show by obtaining the other half of the mysterious medallion that he got from Melissa Santos, who was given the half by Fenix. Captain Vasquez had the other half of the medallion and received it from her father as he was on his deathbed. He told Vasquez it only protects women, but that was a lie and now Aerostar has the full medallion, presumably to save Fenix from Catrina’s spell.