POLLOCK'S UPDATE: CM Punk speaks on WWE return, Jack Perry, Tony Khan

Other promoters aren’t money marks. This guy was chanting CM Lunk backstage.

He wants awards and accolades. Not money.

He’s definitely different


I really wish he was chanting CM Lunk and this is what actually set Punk off.


Phil Brooks was very Lunky that summer.

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I might have said this before, but please tell me this isn’t true? Lol! :laughing::laughing::laughing:

I’m very excited for the new AEW television rights deal. Mostly to hear all of the Internet smarks who have whined the loudest about WWE’s booking for the last 20 years suddenly declare that if a company is that profitable, the booking doesn’t really matter.

Has Jack Perry responded to the interview yet?

He gets a lot of the blame by Punk (and therefore a lot of the public) for Punk quitting/firing. Rightfully so if what Punk said was true.

But Perry’s online persona recently has been acting as a heel who doesn’t care about AEW. The most dangerous thing he could do is respond. Detail his side of the story when there’s obviously been instructions given to talent not to talk about All In or Brawl Out.

It wouldn’t be a smart thing to do for his career to respond… but his past behavior indicates he doesn’t always think before acting.

He would gain nothing by responding I agree. Tony should respond - especially about the afraid for his life stuff and also not helping Punk post injury and not being a boss

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Now Bully Ray this morning on Busted Open has spoken about his issues he had with Jack when they met last year, saying that he was being rude and disrespectful.

And Jack chirping at Tony Schiavone, just sad and pathetic man. A guy that needs to learn a lesson on humility.

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Why does Perry still have a job? He should have been fired for what he did on the All In pre show. TK should have handled what he did or get someone else to.


I suspect he’s a spoiled brat bc his dad was Luke Perry.

If I’m Perry or Adam Page I would want my side of the story out there. They both come off as morons