POST Fantasy football?


Anyone interested in a Post Fantasy Football League?

If so, DM me your email and I’ll send an invite once I get at minimum 10 entrants. Will limit to 16 entrants should people be interested. Will likely use Yahoo.

I’ll sponsor a prize: winner gets a T-shirt of their choosing from ProWrestlingTees. Unless POST shirts are for sale which I’ll sponsor a POST shirt as a prize.


Good idea,i’m In.


but are you All IN? @Tony (sorry I had to)


Sure i’ll join. Any chance we can use ESPN instead of Yahoo? My other leagues are already on ESPN so it’s easy to keep track of them all in the same App.


If we reach 10, I’ll put it to vote. we have 5 now.


I’m all in, too. Can’t wait to see everyone get the same idea and name their team some variation of the NWO.


Looks like we will at least have 10…currently 6. Just make sure to DM me your email so I can send out the invites.

I’ll respond back with your preference - yahoo or espn


count me in good brother


Can you take into account time zones for the draft as well please. Im in Scotland and as much as I’m used to staying up till 4am for wrestling PPVS that’s usually fuelled by alcohol, and I have to keep my wits about this, in order to assemble my dream team.


So far we have reached 10 (League is set for 16 so feel free to keep sending interest!) so we will have a league! Excellent! Turnsout I don’t actually need emails - I’ll just DM you the link. Please let me know if there are issues accessing it.

most feedback has been Yahoo, so I apologize if that is an inconvenience for anyone.

with regards to draft times and rules - I will send out invites this evening to those who messaged me emails so far. I’ll set some rules and you can all throw out suggestions in the league messages. we’ll try to come to some consensus before draft. as for times, I was thinking next Tuesday after weekend here in the States but before the game Thursday.


I’m in at 11, but understand at least another needs to join or I’m the odd one out!


Tuesday is fine for me but could do with it being a little earlier as thats 1am uk time for me


Same, I’m good, even an hour earlier?


I updated to 7:45pm eastern


So…I want to do this. I love football, but I have never played fantasy football before.


Neither have I, but think I have a rough idea on it, if I see some good vid on youtube for it, I’ll shoot it your way.


Pick players. Hope they do well. It’s ultimately a crap shoot. Most important part is paying attention to waivers and getting good guys who are available to add to your team. Will send the invite to u in DM


We have 12 signed in now. I’m going to close it down since that’s a very good number to have. Draft is tmrw night at 7:45 eastern. Hopefully most can make it live!


Here is the draft order for those participating in the LIVE draft tonight: I recommend looking at the scoring settings (I removed completions by QBs so no points for that)

For others - enjoy the creativity of the team names. (cc: @wai0937 )

here is the order:

|1.| BucktheFrowns - Crash Nacho
|2.| Perfect 10 - Rob
|3.| NY/NJ Hitmen Reborn - MJ
|4.| The Gridiron Gang - Godfather Nate
|5.| Any Given Bundy - Tony
|6.| Brutus’s Beefcakes - Doof Dady
|7.| Bombs-A-Wai - Brandon
|8.| kaze Ni Nare - Dan
|9.| Rob’s Rad Team - Rob
|10.| The Golden Patriots - Rob
|11.| Brooklyn Brawlers - Sartorialism
|12.| Rowdy Red Raiders - Gary

It is a standard snake draft. so 12 picks 13th and so forth


Looks good. A lot of your changes are things I do whenever I create a league. I enjoy having negative points for missed kicks. Actually makes the kicker worth a damn. Should be fun times!