POST Fantasy football?


No negative defense points? That really reduces the importance of a defense.

I may be auto-drafting. Good luck computer!


I’m already waiting in the draft. Hoping I do decent in my first draft ever.


No but shutouts and keeping opponents to low scoring is valued well I think


happy with my auto draft team. Did way better than in the NFL fantasy league I do with some fellow UK Texans fans. Although managed to end up with dirty Colts TE Jack Doyle in both!


Wish I had paid attn to see you started a fantasy team on here. If anyone drops out, I would like to take over their team. Next year I’ll be sure to keep my eye out if you have a league.


Second that, should have paid more attention to the forum would have loved to have joined.
Any drop outs let me know other wise I’ll keep watching for next year if you add any more teams


Eh MJ, good luck with the first matchup, this weekend. Still iffy on starting Big Ben and Josh Gordon.


And to you!(code of honor handshake :handshake:)
First few weeks always a challenge figuring out who will be in places to produce. Josh Gordon being a big :question:


Btw, I’m in three other leagues and Davontae Freeman wasn’t a great start. I’m glad I handcuffed him with Coleman.


if Kenny Omega pulled out of the next big show and was replaced by Toa Henare

that’s how it feels to bench Bell for whatever scrub I had on the bench


Good luck folks, for this week. If I lose I’m turning heel though.


Almost kickoff time so…


I’m already sick of my team and want to make changes.


Tom Brady is the John Cena of the NFL


Pretty much, the man knows what he has to work with and makes it click well.


Curt Hawkins with a chance to win?!?!
(The Browns!!)


That new “Qb-tackle rule” is ridiculous. It’s synonymous to last year’s “Fumble-diving into the end zone” rule.


They should book hawkins to tie in a double count out and have him celebrate it as a massive win


Man, I was winning all day and now I’m gonna lose. Thats so deflating.


A winner is me. :raising_hand_man:t2::grin: :sunglasses::man_shrugging:t2: