POST Fantasy football?


I am a diehard 49ers fan and feel your pain. We went from being a contender to maybe make the wild card to a contender for the top 5 draft pick in one play. I also paid for a full season of Direct TV Sunday ticket, so I will still have to suffer through CJ Beathard struggling to get the team to 4 or 5 wins.


I guess having Newton on a bye was beneficial. Popped a quick 86 points with Goff and Kupp. Oops…


My god. My team is broken in half!
I’ve never lost a week before Sunday. Well done @doofdaddy


Ugh, injuries are going to do me in this week.


Another week and another loss for me. I’m beginning to feel like the Curt Hawkins of this Fantasy Football League. Although I guess that would be Dan who doesn’t have a single win yet.


I’m having a bounce back season. 3 straight wins. I’m happy so far with my first season of fantasy football.


Same here, it’s fun at times, and an absolute nailbiter that can have you paying attention to MNF more than you did before.


I’m projected to lose this week!! This has never happened before!!


The Hitmen are coming


When? I can’t seem to see you. :wink:


Peterman is still the GOAT


The Hitmen are not coming. See you next weekend


That Pats vs Chiefs game was insane! One of the most memorable regular season games in a awhile.


The fourth quarter was nuts, such a back and forth war.


Is it cold in my shadow? :wink:


Woohoo i’m on a 3 week winning streak!

I don’t think that’s going to continue this week though. Literally half my team (including both QB’s!) are on bye. Damn you NFL schedulers!


6 week winning streak :wink:


I lose more than an IC champ on Raw


I’ve been having the case of wwe 50/50 booking the last few weeks.


And still…