POST Fantasy football?


Can I just say while my team sucks. I enjoy how we post wrestling related references in this thread. It’s a highlight and reason I was excited to make a league


At least you’re not “Main-Roster” Asuka status, in terms of wins and losses.


Uhhhh have you seen my record?

I’m not Curtis Axel but I’m Asuka post Wrestle Mania


I’m going to offer wild trades tonight.


Okay I get it. My roster sucks!
I haven’t seen this many rejections since Randy Orton needed a tag partner


I guess I’m trying the losing streak gimmick that never works. Started off so promising tbough!


well I forgot about it for the first 3-4 weeks and it wasn’t going well. Put a little effort in and it’s still poor! at least I have a 100% record… 0-8. I’m this leagues Curt Hawkins!


Can you let me know when the rest of you decide to turn up please? :stuck_out_tongue:


Creative booked me to finally win!
Maybe I’ll get a late season push


How was your Week 7?:joy::joy:


The dream has no memory of that.


I popped for this


Looks like “Any Given Bundy” needs to reflect on his Polk High days.:joy::joy:. A favorable outcome is looking pretty bleak, this week.


You spoke well too soon. Projections mean little, especially when it comes to RBs/WRs who can post 30+ any given week.

Case in point; Aaron Jones already has more than twice his projected points. Which isn’t surprising at all, a lot of people started him this week because this game was made for him to blow up (at home vs bad defense and Montgomery no longer there to take snaps). Yahoo, ESPN, etc. projections aren’t that sophisticated.


What’s all this?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

coughs and still…


:joy::joy:. Great job, bud. Your team is synonymous to Undertaker’s latter Wrestlemania run. Still able to pull off the W, even though it takes you forever to get things started. The first set of Sunday games = the 35 minute, Undertaker Wrestlemania entrance.:joy::joy:


No, I’m hogan mate, seen your message and started hulking up. :grin:




On a side note, I vaguely remember this happening. But this looked pretty friggin awesome.



The losing streak gimmick continues. Had a pretty solid false finish though cuz even I was convinced I would win lol.